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Changelog 0.4.0 (WIP)

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165your4 (5):

     Plant improvements.
     Added images and sprite files for a bonus blocks that contain badguys (the orange ones) and ones that run a script on hit (the red one).
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     Added a test level for the new bonus block sprites

Benjamin Leduc (4):

     translation update
     Translation and font update
     translation update
     translation updates

Daniel Butum (5):

     Fix warnings about methods not being marked as 'override'
     Keep the streambuffer as a member in IFileStream and OFileStream so that we fix some static analysis tools complaining about memory leaks
     Possibly fix coverity warnings for IFileStream and OFileStream
     Fix conversion warnings in findlocale.c
     Remove redundant LICENSE file

David King (2):

     Include AppData file in tarball
     Fix assignment operators with no return statement

Devyn Collier Johnson (1):

     Create storm-cloud.png

Fabian Greffrath (1):

     Fix build failure on big-endian archs

Flakebi (15):

     Adjust .gitignore for msvs builds
     Make the code compatible with msvs
     Adjust CMake build script for msvs builds
     Add instructions for windows build
     Add icon to windows executable
     Fix windows linking against debug library
     Adjust the installer to install the visual studio version
     Improve building of version.h
     Automatically find the data directory on windows
     Add dependency licenses to windows installation
     Add GitHub certificate to windows build
     Add a missing include
     Add changelog for 0.3.5a
     Update translations from Transifex
     Make st compatible with x64 windows builds

Hume2 (122):

     Fixing bug#64 Fallen badguys now count as killed in scoreboard.
     Added a "Restart level" button to pause menu. Fixes the annoyonce of restarting the level manually.
     Angrystone is now freezable when not attacking.
     Support for a single frozen action, not left/right determinated
     Fixed dispenser freezing
     Added iced- actions to Igel, Mr_tree, Stumpy, Plant, Poison_ivy, Skullyhop, Snail, Spidermite, Toad, Walkingleaf and Zeekling
     Frozen Mr.Tree no longer spawn PoisonIvys when squished
     Bonus Island I fixed (35 issues).
     Bonus Island 2 :: Fixed levels 1-9 and 17.
     Bonus Island 2 :: Fixed levels 10-16 and 17-20.
     Bonus Island 2 :: Fixed levels 21-28
     Fixed level The Escape on Giby's request.
     Menu Items now use virtualization
     Fixed bug causing crashes when pressing back by mouse.
     Fixed menu escaping
     Added gradient direction test level
     Fixed coverity scan bugs
     Forzen igel is now butt-jumpable.
     Totem tweak
     Fixed spike tiles
     Dispenser type is now enumial
     Background pos works again
     Some more objects use get_nearest_player correctly
     Frozen badguys now shatter on break.
     Tux doll now displays a "100" on its sprite.
     Improved melting animation
     Frozen dispensers no longer dispense badguys
     Burning now uses an extra animation
     Merge pull request #118 from Hume2/badguytweaks
     Reimplemented old spikes for compatibility reasons
     Changed "get_bbox()" to "bbox" where possible
     Jumpys and spikys are flammable on Tobbi's request
     Changed "this->get..." to "get..."
     Acceleration of particles now depend on gravity.
     Castle paths are now much nicer in editor.
     Speed of particle systems now depend on gravity
     Even more gravity dependencies
     Added missing snow paralax tiles
     Merge branch 'master' of
     Added a sign with platform
     Forgotten file
     Added tux on the sigh with platform
     Fixed snowmountain tiles
     Merge branch 'master' of
     Updated shade in snow mountain slope tiles
     Updated slope snowmountain tiles
     [ci skip] Added a thingy on Tobbi's request
     Removed 156 blank tiles
     [ci skip] Added missing jungle tiles
     Ghostwood tiles overhaul (fixes #112)
     fixes #173 (Weird bug with Krosh)
     Bouncing snowball now bounces properly.
     Added 3 levels to Incubator Island.     Travis[ci skip]
     Merge pull request #186 from Hume2/incubator_3level
     Half intensity magic blocks work again.
     Fixed snowfall speed
     Added a ghosttree on the end of the level "Silent Walls"     Travis[ci skip]
     Fixed kugelblitzs' behaviour
     Added a forest jumpy sprite     Travis[ci skip]
     Changed the sprite of jumpy in forest levels
     Fixed mantis #244
     Even less runtime errors
     Tux in the level intro now depends on gravity.
     Fixed mantis #942
     Fixed some collision-related bugs     fixes #193     Fixes mantis #482, mantis #505     Partial fix of mantis #101
     Frozen haywire can no longer explode.
     Implemented Mr. Candle
     Merge pull request #164 from Hume2/mrcandle
     Bonus Island 1,2 :: Extended height and added tile backgrounds     [ci skip] (fixes #204)
     Fixed bug causing crash when freezing not-ticking haywire
     Fixed spawnpoint bug     Spawnpoints were marked as invalid when one of the coordinates was 0.
     Corrected industrial tiles attributes     Travis[ci skip]
     Updated Nolok's statue     [ci skip]
     Merge pull request #210 from Hume2/nolok
     Removed dupe storm-cloud tiles     [ci skip]     They weren't used so far, so it's OK.
     Pole ends are no longer solid     [ci skip]
     Fixed typo in flame fish sprite     Travis[ci skip]
     Fixed escaping menu on back item by esc
     Vertical wooden platform is no longer mirrored.
     Deleted 2 out-of-bounds tiles.     The image castle/grey7.png is only 2×1, but it was 2×2 in tiles.strf.     Travis[ci skip]
     Switches can be now bistable.     Try it in "Magic block test" in Test collection.
     Weak block now uses ignite instead of kill_fall for chain reaction.
     Cut the snowcastle background to the periodic size     This background was in fact only 256×256 pixels big, but it was repeated     several times on the same image without any changes and it was cut on the     right edge. There will be no change in the levels this background currently     is, excapt that there will be no longer those cut parts of windows.     [ci skip]
     Merge branch 'master' of
     Used the new jungle tiles in the level Tree Fortress where apporpriate     Travis[ci skip]
     Added unordered path mode
     Extended height in the level Dan Morial     [ci skip]
     Extended height in level Ghostly World     [ci skip]
     Deleted level Mountain Pass since it's in LMH's addon.     [ci skip]
     Extended height of level Light and Magic     [ci skip]
     Spawning objects via Object factory with own data
     Added Object factories for all kinds of blocks.
     Added special-tiles' objects to tiles.strf     [ci skip]
     Improved documentation in Tile.cpp
     Upgraded way of creating pulsing lights
     Updated lava tiles in tiles.strf     [ci skip]
     Pulsing lights are now guaranteed for thin lava bodies
     Moved the Grumbel's signature to the background in world2/worldmap.stwm     It could be seen with a large screen, so I moved it to the background     to not cause visual problems. It can be now seen only via the editor.     [ci skip]
     Replaced bunch of if's by a switch in angrystone.cpp
     Replaced bunch of if's by a switch in darttrap.cpp
     Fixed the Nolok's hitbox     [ci skip]
     Made the level "Roots, Woody Roots" playable     [ci skip]
     Added some levels to Incubator Island     These don't need any extra resources.     [ci skip]
     Added two next levels to Incubator Island     [ci skip]
     Added sprites from pre_git_bugtracker_worldmap     [ci skip]
     Deleted some svn crap     [ci skip]
     Reorganizad a bit     [ci skip]
     Deleted the level "After the Glaciers" from Incubator, because it is already in Bonus 3.     [ci skip]
     Added paralax backgrounds to some Bonus Island 3 levels     [ci skip]
     Resized the level "Don't miss your ride"     [ci skip]
     Resized the levels in Bonus 3 where needed     [ci skip]
     Added Player::set_bonus to scripting
     Added the rest of pre_git_bugtracker_worldmap to Incubator     Travis[ci skip]
     Substituted ice square by tilemap in NewIcelevel4.stl     [ci skip]
     Removed unused pre_git_bugtracker_worldmap sprite     [ci skip]
     Added paralax backgrounds to the rest of Bonus Island 3     [ci skip]
     Added paralax backgrounds to Incubator where neccessary     [ci skip]
     Added paralax background to World1 Bonus Level     [ci skip]
     Resized the World1 Bonus Level     [ci skip]
     Reverted "Fixed dispenser direction"     Someone accidently replaced the level Tree_Fortress.stl by another level.     [ci skip]
     No more fake snowball bounces on slopes
     Merge branch 'master' of

Ingo Ruhnke (24):

     Updated email, ->
     Fixed some compiler warnings
     Compile with full warnings and werror on travis
     Replaced external/tinygetext with proper git submodule
     Added --recursive option to `git clone` documentation, needed now due to `git submodule` use
     Make sure that g_config is valid before accessing it
     Removed trailing garbage in data/fonts/zh-white.stf
     Added googletest submodule
     Added -DBUILD_TEST=ON flag to cmake to build test cases
     Converted test cases to googletest
     Merge pull request #237 from SuperTux/feature/gtest
     Replaced broken invisible_path with a proper image
     Fixed supertux2 binary not getting installed on 'make install'
     Removed `console_enabled` flag along with --console/--noconsole, use --developer (Ctrl-F2) instead
     Manually set Console pointer in ConsoleBuffer, so it is guranteed to be fully initialised
     Throw exception on invalid VideoSystem::Enum instead of silently changing it to something else
     Added missing #include <stdexcept>
     Cleaned up some clang++ warnings
     Removed left over debugging output
     Updated external/tinygettext
     Added 'make install' to travis
     Check that Console::current() is valid before accessing it
     Build and run test cases on travis
     Save the use_game_controller setting in JoystickConfig

Jacob Burroughs (36):

     CMake: check for submodule existence, compile tinygettext separately
     CMake: fixed out-of-tree builds
     Updated install instructions
     Added --no-christmas flag
     Fixed Windows builds, also changed version numbering scheme (currently cannot handle archives)
     Allow for version history to be accessible
     Updated squirrel, tinygettext for Windows builds
     Fix tinyggettext
     Update tinygettext
     Merge pull request #245 from SuperTux/windows
     Initial AppVeyor runner script
     Prevented overwriting of data directory
     Streamlined deployment
     Merge pull request #246 from SuperTux/appveyor
     [ci skip] Add AppVeyor to
     Improved Windows installer appearance
     Corrected badge to use master
     Support final tagged releases
     Added msvc runtime, fixed OS X versioning
     Actually fix OS X plist version
     [ci skip] Fix certain Windows builds
     Update dependency download URL
     Add OSX supported to Travis, update to trusty for linux
     Fix plist install
     Support OS X deployment
     Merge pull request #255 from SuperTux/travis
     Add UCRT to Windows installer
     Updated libcurl to use builtin windows SSL (eliminated manual certificate management, dependency on openssl dlls)
     Merge pull request #259 from leyyin/master
     Corrected license installation
     Added support for source tarballs
     added tarball builds to travis
     Merge pull request #260 from SuperTux/cpack-source
     Correct source build to only build on one system at once
     Merge branch 'master' of
     Fixed exclusion path for CPack source packaging

José Rebelo (1):

     Fixed console method 'functions(...)'

Karkus (1):

     Revert " Mentions Nightly Builds by maths22"

Karkus476 (1): Mentions Nightly Builds by maths22

LMH (1):

     Update URL in the build-addon-index tool from googlecode to GitHub

Mah Boi (2):

     Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     Revert "10GHz is excessive. I've run Supertux 0.3.5 on a Mobile Pentium 3 750MHz at 60FPS"

Mathnerd314 (7):

     Make ENABLE_OPENGL work again
     Worldmap tile fixes and shortened underground transition
     * Fix some warnings & bugs in the save/load logic     * Make worldmapfinish() work again     * Remove empty christoph1 messages     * Change initial addons manager message
     Fix crash in Tux Strikes Back intro level
     Use line-of-sight code in Ispy for stalactite falling (needs level testing)
     Fix dictionary_manager handling; there is now exactly one which is used for all translations.
     Fix build

Matthew Taylor (1):

     The new menu code I wrote. Feel free to modify this or rewrite it if you feel it necessary.

Matthew Travous (1):

     Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

Max Teufel (7):

     Update version number to 0.3.6-GIT
     INSTALL: update dependency list, add some other notes
     CMakeLists: fix error with cmake lower than 3.x
     NEWS: rename WHATSNEW.txt to, reformat in markdown
     NEWS: fix some formatting mistakes
     Change the version number to 0.4.0-git in order to switch to SemVer
     CMakeLists: exclude test levels from Release builds

Phaethon (2):

     Added condition to check type of uninstalled addons to work properly with the Language Pack submenu.
     Navigation from Language Packs submenu back to Addons menu.

Savsish (44):

     Update ar.po
     Update az.po
     Update be.po
     Update bg.po
     Update ca.po
     Update cmn.po
     Update cs.po
     Update da.po
     Update de.po
     Update el.po
     Update eo.po
     Update es.po
     Update et.po
     Update fi.po
     Update fr.po
     Update he.po
     Update hi_IN.po
     Update hr.po
     Update hu.po
     Update it.po
     Update ja.po
     Update km.po
     Update ko.po
     Update lt.po
     Update ml.po
     Update nb.po
     Update nl.po
     Update nn.po
     Update pl.po
     Update pt.po
     Update pt_BR.po
     Update ro.po
     Update ru.po
     Update sk.po
     Update sl.po
     Update sq.po
     Update sr.po
     Update sv.po
     Update tr.po
     Update uk.po
     Update uz.po
     Update vi.po
     Update zh_CN.po
     Update zh_TW.po

Stekar (3):

     Changes to Level Introduction screen.     The correct tux animation is now shown on the level introduction screen.     See: SuperTux/supertux#127     Fixes #127, Closes #131
     LevelIntro jumping shows correct animation
     Bombs can now be thrown; copied the goldbomb throw code to the bomb code.

Sydney Dykstra (4):

     Add obstacle course level to incubator island. Thanks nonotcar!
     Add git submodule update --init --recursive to in a better fashion
     try to add new cloud tile
     Rename some Forest world levels closes #175 [ci skip]

Tobias Markus (243):

     Revert part of 87d555
     Remove deleted tiles from group     [ci skip]
     Set Yeti's countMe property to true, fixes #65 on Github
     Fix travis.yml
     Fix for coverity #82576 and #82577
     Check whether Tux position is on path in worldmap and reposition if necessary
     Fix compilation with glbinding, fixes #74     [ci skip]
     When spawning using door, fadeout screen and fade in again
     add accidentally forgotten include screenManager
     Pause sounds when showing game menu on ESC press.     Fixes #70 on Github.
     Fix compiler warnings
     Add support for gradients that span across the whole sector     Use (direction "horizontal_sector" / "vertical_sector" respectively in the level file)     Closes #1030 on the bug tracker
     Fix for lightmap gradients with no region set
     This reverts commit 19d6d4edc6def58210877ae8b848d2b4578fce57.
     New item for next release
     Fix manually triggered crash that happens when you kill() tux in the title screen on shutown
     Partial fix for issue #14: Allow jumping at the top of sloped tiles
     Fix Tux walking on sloped tiles
     Load level information when loading worldmap     This eliminates the need for any disk I/O to happen when a level tile was selected
     Trying to fix coverity memory leaks
     Another try at fixing memory leak issues
     Reverting the memory leak fixing attempts
     Possible fix for right-to-left languages like arabic
     Revert "Keep the streambuffer as a member in IFileStream and OFileStream so that we fix some static analysis tools complaining about memory leaks"
     Revert "Possible fix for right-to-left languages like arabic"
     wreorder fixes
     Fix level count when empty filenames are present, add translation tags for *NEW*
     Use different fade out for loading worldmaps and levels
     Revert "Use different fade out for loading worldmaps and levels"
     Add proper fade-in effect
     Add small screenfade effect to the title screen as well
     Add screen fade effect to text scroller screen
     Fix small worldmap path issue     [ci skip]
     Fixed formatting (tabs to spaces)
     Moved reset code into its own method
     Add precise percentage of coin loss on respawn to first level     Fix #95
     Use splash sound effect from supertuxkart instead of own
     Update CMake to 3.3.0 in travis.yml, fix typo in main.cpp
     Fix download URL for CMake in travis.yml
     Add sudo:false to travis.yml     This is supposed to speed up the build by caching dependencies
     Remove sudo from commands
     Another try at fixing travis.yml
     Change prefix to something within /Users/tobiasmarkus
     Set prefix to home/lib
     Add libstdc++4.9-dev to packages
     Revert all changes to .travis.yml for the time being     until the package issues are fixed.
     Revert "Add sudo:false to travis.yml"
     Check return value of sq_createslot, fixes error reported by coverity
     Fix possible NULL pointer derefences reported by cppcheck
     Adding translation tags to a few more strings
     Don't start end sequence multiple times, this most likely fixes #87
     Move duplicate code outside if statement
     Revert "Move duplicate code outside if statement"
     Update tinygettext to latest revision
     [const correctness] Make a lot of methods in sector.[c|h]pp const
     [const correctness] further constify methods in game_session.[c|h]pp
     [const correctness] Const correctness fixes for badguy.cpp and derived classes
     Various small code fixes, constify one method
     [const correctness] More const methods
     [const correctness] More const correctness fixes (screenfade)
     [const correctness] More const correctness fixes
     [const correctness] Constify methods in level.hpp
     [const correctness] constify objectfactory::create methods
     [const correctness] Constify a couple of methods in /src/control
     Update tinygettext to latest revision
     Re-compress image files with latest ImageOptim     [ci skip]
     Use sprite name for BouncyCoin used when collecting coins
     Correct badguy falling layer
     Nicer shrinkwarp
     Only display refresh rate when specified (0 is unspecified according to SDL docs)
     Sort display mode list ascending
     Add scanner for fullscreen resolution without refresh rate
     Reorder cases, in case something goes wrong
     Make further methods const
     Make more methods const
     Make more methods const
     Move GIMP XCF files to media repository, Part 1
     Move GIMP XCF images to media repository that were in the tree previously (part 2)     [ci skip]
     Move XCF files to media repository, part 3     [ci skip]
     Add translation tags for <no title>
     Remove code duplication in ice crusher
     Changed player falling layer     [ci skip]
     [const correctness] Make methods in worldmap.cpp/hpp const
     Make methods in Tux.cpp/hpp const
     Remove squirrel directory in favor of submodule
     Add submodule
     Add #ifdef's for WIN32 to some Action copy constructors, xref Homebrew/homebrew-games#342
     Remove old mr_bomb sprites
     Add check for has_ids
     Add label and horizontal line to start game menu
     Update squirrel submodule
     Update tinygettext
     First test build with glbinding support
     Fix travis.yml syntax error
     Fix if statements
     Another try at fixing travis.yml
     Fix bash syntax (again)
     Possibly fix travis build
     Move comment out of code segment
     cd into build directory, then build
     change to previous directory before compiling supertux
     get back to supertux directory after build
     Change passed option from USE_GLBINDING to GLBINDING_ENABLED
     Do not compile GLBinding in travis.yml
     Update .gitmodules to point to new location
     Update Squirrel submodule (added .gitignore file)     [ci skip]
     Update submodule
     Small code change
     Spelling fixes     [ci skip]
     Update CMake version in .travis.yml
     Update submodule
     Update submodule again
     Update submodules (new entries in gitignore for mac) [ci skip]
     Update snowmountain tiles to look more like our game style
     Revert "Removed 156 blank tiles"     [ci skip]     This reverts commit 2b204ca24f00252615747d2bf39273beb91b547a.
     Update squirrel submodule (This fixes an install issue for the squirrel lib)
     Update squirrel submodule again (add component as required by CMake)
     This hopefully fixes squirrel build
     Add menu item to disable menu and screen transitions     Fixes #182
     Add proper directory to dictionary manager search path, for PhysFS. This likely fixes #119
     Automatically open the console on errors and warnings in developer mode. Fixes #583 on the old bug tracker
     Burn badguys when in contact with strawbox (only)     This fixes #909 on the lethargik bug tracker
     Remove debug output for bomb throwing [ci skip]
     Fix typo [ci skip]
     Simplify if statements in log.hpp
     Updated homepage link and added "help wanted" section
     Add translation tags to profile menu items
     Don't runtime error when spawnpoint contains invalid coords
     Begin christmas season at December 6
     Add christmas menu with christmas theme
     Change santa cap to be on the p
     Add final logo sprite
     Slightly lower hat position
     Add Chris Leutwyler to credits (Christmas theme)
     Use const iterators where possible, constify one method
     Set tux to main spawnpoint after creating initial state. This most likely fixes #72
     Add language packs as add-ons
     Fix for faulty add-on status in add-ons manager
     Remove directory from search path when lang add-on gets disabled
     Update submodule (contains potential fix for coverity)
     Don't check cert for cmake
     Update tinygettext
     Fix invalid tile ID     [ci skip]
     Fix invalid tile ID again [ci skip]
     Update tinygettext (compilation with -Werror)
     Change package patch version to 0.3.5-GIT     [ci skip]
     Change package patch version to 0.4.0-GIT [ci skip]
     Revert image compression, fixes #216     [ci skip]
     Make intro logo depend on CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE setting, fixes #178
     Remove extra lines [ci skip]
     Make tinygettext debug output depend on build type, fixes #222
     Move language packs to their own menu
     Revert "Move language packs to their own menu"     Language add-ons weren't enabled/disabled     This reverts commit 64f20aea48ab93e3ef2699d304c2a1ec1ed69223.
     Move language packs to their own menu
     Fix language pack menu
     Allow for auto-closing the download dialog on success
     Revert "Allow for auto-closing the download dialog on success" (apparently it was a deliberate decision to keep it open)
     Fix installing new language packs
     Update tinygettext module (again)
     Add respective callbacks for tinygettext
     Restore log debug stuff
     Demote tinygettext warnings to debug and warning respectively. Let's not care about collision etc. too much
     Fix badguy display for level dispensers
     Add extra set of brackets around if statements
     Maybe fix showing of all add-ons?
     Set dialog to tell the user to restart SuperTux
     unify spelling of add-on throughout addon menu
     Revert "Changed the sprite of jumpy in forest levels"     The forest jumpies don't quite match our style yet     This reverts commit 6c1ec42be80b247c52e92c30ae6889a17bbe6e5a.
     Fix stats for total coins
     Move visibility check into new const function
     [const correctness] Change 2 methods to const
     Move level filename to variable
     generate .pot files in the translations/ directory which is a submodule to the actual translation repository
     Change to point to submodule path
     Only move around badguys that can be considered active     Fixes #899 on the old bugtracker
     Add gulp sound when potion is being drunk
     [ci skip] Bonus Level: String change
     pot files submodule update     [ci skip]
     Change Restart level -> Restart Level
     Fix #895: Falling badguys can push other badguys through uni-solid tiles
     Update CMake to version 3.4.0 in travis.yml
     Fix travis
     Added forgotten level file menu_final
     Initialize d to 0. Should fix travis build
     Change string initialization to be implicit
     Less code duplication (create new method for raise_growup_bonus)
     Phase out drop growup bonus into own method
     Move content from string into new method
     cppcheck performance fixes
     Allow underscore in addon name
     Use language name instead of country code for lang add-ons
     Just display locale name in language pack menu
     Remove translation markers from that
     Made langname display more robust against errors
     Check for language pack updates on start and after switching languages
     Create pot file for credits     [ci skip]
     Extract translatable strings from script files. Fixes #842 on the old bug tracker
     Remove debugging output [ci skip]
     Save one txt file per script
     Use different syntax for command execution [ci skip]
     Use different syntax for command execution [ci skip]
     Fix [ci skip]
     Save list length in variable [ci skip]
     Use \n instead of \r\n     [ci skip]
     Replace custom iterator with enumerate, thanks, leyyin [ci skip]
     Don't check for language pack updates on startup
     Make a few methods inside endsequence const
     Make get_renderer and get_lightmap const
     Fix building on my mac where (apparently) the versions are separated by an underscore instead of a dash
     Add Karkus476 and maths22 to credits [ci skip]
     Add Hume to credits [ci skip]
     Properly generate wrapper for _ shortcut to translate
     Turn walking badguy around when hitting obstacle, no matter whether we're on a slope
     Check for language packs on startup, take 2
     Don't check for updates if source lang is en
     Move language check way to the start
     Use std::async for checking for langpack updates
     Don't check for langpacks on startup
     Remove initialization as well
     Remove redundant casts to std::string from addon_menu.cpp
     Change big savebell sound to something more pleasant [ci skip]
     Remove <future> include, should fix build on clang
     Add glbinding to travis again (test)
     Since there's no way to get the glbinding version, don't confuse us
     Add both Export headers to gitignore [ci skip]
     Re-center addon menu after changing from add-ons to langpacks
     Don't call on_window_resize for the whole menu stack, just the active menu     [ci skip]
     Add missing dependency for glbinding
     Hopefully trigger build
     Fix coverity #120407: Pass big parameter pos by reference
     Check return values of lisp.get() in code and act accordingly (or not) to make static analysis happy
     Update translation submodule [ci skip]
     Don't build glbinding on travis
     Change description for me, add 'ad interim project lead'     [ci skip]
     Reduce code duplication in player.cpp
     Don't set bonus if we're currently dying. Closes #234
     [yay] [const correctness] Make get_coins() const
     Re-indent some code inside if statement in .travis.yml     [ci skip]
     Make print_openal_version a static member of SoundManager
     [const correctness] mark is_playing const in all audio classes
     [const correctness] Mark paused() const
     [const correctness] Make methods inside sprite.hpp const
     Pass some values by reference instead of by ptr

Vincent Cheng (1):

     Update desktop menu entry file to conform to XDG specs

brmbrmcar (5):

     Update console.nut
     Fixed shrink function in Console.
     Change SDL requirement
     scripts/console.nut: add make_invincible()
     Fixed dispenser direction

mahboi (5):

     Removed forest world option
     Removed forest world option, changed name for story mode, and cleaned up code
     10GHz is excessive. I've run Supertux 0.3.5 on a Mobile Pentium 3 750MHz at 60FPS
     Fixed menu header (*facepalm*)
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

nicholas (1):

     Fixed tile bugs.

sydneyjd (2):

     Merge pull request #159 from Karkus476/bomb-throwing
     Merge pull request #121 from mahboi/master

tobbi (33):

     Merge pull request #63 from amigadave/master
     Merge pull request #66 from Flakebi/master
     Merge pull request #89 from Savsish/update-translations
     Merge pull request #91 from sydneyjd/addanotherlevel
     Merge pull request #96 from leyyin/master
     Merge pull request #123 from Hume2/m1levels
     Merge pull request #132 from Karkus476/levelintro
     Merge pull request #135 from sydneyjd/master
     Merge pull request #144 from Hume2/gui_overhaul
     Merge pull request #145 from Hume2/bugfix
     Merge pull request #149 from Hume2/bugfix
     Merge pull request #147 from 165your4/master
     Merge pull request #152 from Hume2/test
     Merge pull request #154 from Hume2/bugfix
     Merge pull request #155 from SuperTux/feature/no_testlevels_in_release
     Merge pull request #157 from brmbrmcar/master
     Merge pull request #167 from maths22/master
     Merge pull request #169 from NNemesis/master
     Merge pull request #170 from tobbi/fix_travis_build
     Merge pull request #171 from tobbi/travis_glbinding
     Merge pull request #181 from Hume2/tilefix
     Merge pull request #180 from 165your4/master
     Merge pull request #192 from brmbrmcar/fix_shrink_function
     Merge pull request #197 from brmbrmcar/master
     Merge pull request #203 from DevynCJohnson/patch-2
     Merge pull request #126 from Hume2/leveltweaks
     Merge pull request #206 from sydneyjd/master
     Merge pull request #230 from Hume2/unordered_path
     Merge pull request #232 from sydneyjd/master
     Merge pull request #247 from joserebelo/fix_functions
     Merge pull request #242 from SuperTux/incubator
     Merge pull request #220 from brmbrmcar/master
     Merge pull request #250 from brmbrmcar/patch-1