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Dart Trap

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This article describes content that still needs sound

Dart Trap
Image of Dart Trap
Found in: Forest
Appearance: A skull mounted to the wall.
Behaviour: Static. Shoots darts at regular intervals.
Squishable: no
Burnable: no
Butt-Jumpable: no
Freezable: no
Status: unstable

The Dart trap is a badguy in form of a skull. In regular intervals it shoots darts out of its mouth. The darts fly in a straight line, hurt Tux and cannot be destroyed but must be avoided. The Dart trap is mostly found in castles in the Forest world.

To be done

This article contains content that is outdated. It might describe an obsolete concept or a concept that was implemented in a different way.

  • mechanical sound when dart is loaded
  • hissing sound when dart is fired
  • clicking sound when dart hits the wall
i belive this is already implemented in milestone 1.5 & subversion --Disk 18:51, 30 August 2007 (UTC)