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Icy Island

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The Icy Island worldmap in version 0.3

Icy Island is the very first world in SuperTux. It is an Antarctica-type world. This world was released in SuperTux 0.1.


Badguys for Icyisland can be found at the Badguys page.


→ See also: Levels#Icy Island

Currently (January 2010) the Icy Island consists of the following 27 levels:

  • Picnic with Penny (the events are technically right before Welcome to Antarctica, but the level can only be explored/seen in the Test Levels)
  • Welcome to Antarctica
  • The Journey Begins
  • Via Nostalgica
  • Tobgle Road
  • The Somewhat Smaller Bath
  • The Frosted Fields
  • Oh no! More Snowballs!
  • Stone Cold
  • Grumbel's Sense of Snow
  • 23rd Airborne
  • Night Chill
  • Into the Stars
  • Above the Arctic Skies
  • Entrance to the Cave
  • Under the Ice
  • Living in a Fridge
  • '...or is it just me?'
  • Ice in the Hole
  • Miyamoto Monument
  • End of the Tunnel
  • A Path in the Clouds
  • A Mysterious House of Ice
  • The Escape
  • The Shattered Bridge
  • Arctic Ruins
  • The Castle of Nolok
  • No More Mr Ice Guy

End boss

The Yeti is end boss for Icy Island. He is featured in No More Mr Ice Guy and tries to attack Tux indirectly using the icicles to his power.

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