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Image of Igel
Found in: Forest
Appearance: Looks like a common hedgehog.
Behaviour: Walks around. Stays on platforms.
Squishable: no
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: no
Freezable: yes

Igel is a badguy in the second world of SuperTux, the Forest. Igel cannot be squished or buttjumped due to its spines but they can be shot with a fireflower when facing Tux.

The term "Igel" is German for "hedgehog", which is precisely why the Igel in the game look like hedgehogs.

Proposed behavior

Note: The behavior described below differs from the behavior currently implemented in the development version of SuperTux.

Although basically vulnerable to shots that hit the soft head, Igel will immediately curl up for some seconds as soon as being shot at, thus either absorbing or deflecting the shot.

Upon reaching a ledge or when Tux stands less than 5 tiles behind Igel, Igel will slowly turn around, facing the camera and thus exposing the only weakness: When hit by a bullet while facing the camera, Igel will flip over for some seconds and can be squished by jumping on the exposed belly.

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