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Incubator Island

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Incubator Island is a world of SuperTux where new / proposed levels are improved until they are ready to go into the main game. Levels in the main game have to comply with our level style guide. Levels that are supposed to go onto one of the bonus islands do not go onto the Incubator Island – they should go on a bonus island directly.

Levels have to pass some basic tests before going into Incubator Island:

  • Has a license for the level been specified and is it compatible with SuperTux's own license?
    (SuperTux is released under the GPL version 3 or later)
  • Has an author been specified?
  • Is the level completable?
  • Is every secret area and coin reachable?

If a level passes those tests, it may be added to the Incubator Island for general review. When it's ready, a level may be moved to the main game. If a level won't make it to the main game, such as if its main gameplay idea is not acceptable for the main game (ex.: the player must jump on invisible tiles to complete the level), it can be moved to one of the bonus islands.

Screenshot Name Difficulty Length Contributor
Screenshot of level A snowy hill A snowy hill
Please give feedback in bug 605.
unknown normal (250 tiles) Wolfs
Screenshot of level Cave Run Cave Run
Please give feedback in bug 606.
unknown normal (300 tiles) Stuart Rynn
Not available
(Add …)
Pink Snow
Please give feedback in bug 700.
unknown normal (270 tiles) Stuart Rynn
Not available
(Add …)
Jagged Path
Please give feedback in bug 701.
unknown short (230 tiles) Stuart Rynn
Screenshot of level Crystal Cataclysm Crystal Cataclysm
Map using the new Night Cave tileset. Please give feedback in bug 594.
unknown long (550 tiles) lazure
Screenshot of level Mad Ysonn Cube Garden Mad Ysonn Cube Garden
Please give feedback in bug 609.
unknown normal (300 tiles) octo
Screenshot of level My Penny is over the ocean My Penny is over the ocean
Please give feedback in bug 607.
unknown normal (341 tiles) Wolfs
Screenshot of level The not so long way The not so long way
Please give feedback in bug 608.
unknown normal (292 tiles) Wolfs
Screenshot of level Crystal Beauty Crystal Beauty
Please give feedback in bug 633.
unknown normal (301 tiles) niso

Giving feedback

Of course, giving feedback is very important for levels that are under active development. You can give feedback by joining our IRC channel and stating your opinion, by sending a mail to the mailing list, or by filing/commenting on an appropriate bug report in our bug tracker.