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Meeting 2010-02-14

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The 2010-02-14 meeting was held on Sunday, February 14th at 18:00 UCT on IRC.

Present were:


Project management

  • (Unstable) Release
    • Mathnerd314: Release as-is
    • WolfgangB: Take care of the license of data files first, stable release ASP
    • octo: Release as-is
    • grumbel: Against a release
  • Licenses of data files (bug 578)
    • grumbel suggested to move files with unknown license to a non-free/ folder.
    • octo's alternative would be to remove all files and announce to the mailing list that the authors should contact us with licensing information to have them included again.
    • The author of a file can be determined from the DataFiles, SVN log and/or the mailing list archives.
    • The information should be made available in an AUTHORS file which should be included in a release tarball.
    • Some sound files already do have a SVN property with licensing information.
  • Semi-anonymous contributions (email/nick but no real name)
    • Contributions with just a nick name are fine. Since nobody knew what there was to discuss, the matter has been dismissed.
    • An email address would be nice to have, though.
  • Google Code move
    • Using Google's bug tracker is the main point of the move.
    • Nobody likes Mantis, so some people suggested to move the bug tracker to Google, too.
    • Transition scripts Mantis -> Google are not available yet.
    • The proposed transition is to use Google's bug tracker for bugs related to new releases only.
    • The new bug tracker should be ready to use for the next stable release.
    • The tarballs of new releases will likely be hosted there.
  • Bug tracker workflow (bug 580)
    • In favor of "feedback" means "requires feedback": Mathnerd314
    • In favor of "feedback" means "has feedback": octo, MMlosh
    • grumbel: Don't use "feedback"


  • Changed levels
  • Carrying objects
    • Postponed for next meeting
  • Autoscroll camera (bug 475)
    • Majority voted for "remove autoscolling altogether".
    • It is unclear, how scripted camera, cut scenes and so forth are effected.
    • It's possible removing autoscolling makes it possible to remove some hacks.

Next meeting date and time

  • The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 20th, at 15:00 UCT.