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Milestone 2 Design Document/Obsolete

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Milestone 2
Design Document

Obsolete things from other pages. Note however that obsolete doesn't mean its useless, sometimes things are already done while other times they just haven't been properly integrated into the Milestone 2 Design Document yet and got moved here as a result of cleanup.

For the old forest page, see Milestone 3 Design Document

For the last voice meeting see: SuperTux Meeting 18. August 2007

Things unknown

  • Who is running backups of the Wiki and SVN repository?
  • Shall we switch to GPLv3? Not now, but maybe later

<math>Insert formula here</math>

Next Meeting Agenda (7. August 2008, 18:00 GMT)

  • status? integrate in main page?
  • GP2x updates
  • music submission: BlastOffTek music pack for Supertux.rar
  • badguy name cleanup
  • GP2x status
  • large level, establishing milestone 2 'gold standard'
  • editor news
  • compiled data formats
  • editor gui restructure

older stuff

  • present newly build levels
  • what to do with Badguy::freeze()?
  • what to do with level flipping (suggestion: ignore it)
  • Wiki & SVN backup again

Meeting Notes

- engine problems blending
- monster activation should be dependent on tux position and
  not on screen position (like it is now) because it should
  be independent from aspect ratio
  (Note for level designers: Think that potentially the user
  can see the whole level in front of him)
- Code for butt jump

- new object to place images into levels (to replace info boxes):

Menu System Rework:
- Scrolling level selection list
- Buttons in menus
- Add info box below menu (with explanations)

Profile system:
- create profiles
- delete profiles
- load default profile on startup

- Restart game on language change (do not put language change menu into
       Pause-Options menu)

- running animation
- butt jump animation
- improve egg graphics, so it does not seem like a "snowball"
- graphics for the stuff in "Creatures"

- Angry Iceblock: like the mario blocks (in the castles)
- Owl: unclear... Carriers objects and drops them at tux somehow, but not clear.
- Canon: like in mario: shoots left/right
- MiniBomb: accelerates, follows tux (but does not jump)
- Eater: ?

- take the jogger one for fall-down snowball
- take the japanese one for the gun
- take the "normal" one for stay on platform
- take the "ninja" for following tux

Enemy Code:
- support for spawning k-children in an enemy (for spitter for example)

- we might want to support "mods". A mod is defined in that it replaces
that is already there (instead of only adding new stuff). Undecided if
we want
it and how exactly.

- we need to support jump with up and jump with button
- support binding for left,right,up,down. allow double up+jump config

Game mechanics:
- no costs for reset points
- Mailinglist discussion: do we want reset points?
- Remove global coin counter, coin count is only per level now  (similar to collectibles)
- Add collectibles: per level, show them in the screen while playing the level
- When you find a collectible, fade in collectible count for a short time
- In pause mode show all collectible as once

Mailing lists:
- We want a separate team mailing list.
  Proposal: create supertux-user and supertux-team. make forward
  supertux-devel mails to supertux-user. supertux-team read everyone but write
  only for people with svn access...

- levels will be changed, and reworked to make use of the new features

- Sequence at end of castle: Tux find Yeti, Yeti jumps out of the window and  flees



  • New Badguy "Ice Crusher", falls down to crush Tux, then rises back up. Has a platform on its top
  • Remove old Cannon, Dropper graphics and use new Cannon instead. Only shoots left and right
  • Butt-Jump should easily be possible. Press down in midair to make Tux stop in mid-air and drop down vertically. Current effect is just fine. Don't forget to shake the camera.


  • Figure out which Russian Translation to use (contact translators).
  • Build test level using snow slopes.
  • Do not use Ice Flower. It's not finished yet.


  • Fix jumping Tux animation. It has weird black marks.
  • Make Tux backflip animation smoother.
  • New tileset for above-ground levels.
  • New decorative tiles. Ice cracks, snowmen, cavemen, areas with more transparency, ...
  • Frozen tree.


  • The forum of is currently broken or unmaintained. Should we shut down the server? Contact maintainer.
  • Sounds for Ice Crusher, Flying Snowball, Snowball splashing against wall. Sound of rockets exploding is too loud.