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Milestone 2 Design Document/Timeline

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Milestone 2
Design Document

Most releases have been in December on or near the 25th. The current goal is to get something cool, playable, and user-friendly out by then. The tasks are split into 3 phases, one for each month, though not necessarily in the order.

Phase A - Graphics (October?)

The ice tileset needs more variety. The current is a good start, but more types of plants are needed. Decorative glaciers, more things trapped in ice, molds, tundra, unisolid tile variants, and ice spikes should get created, so that levels can include them. The forest tileset has twice as many tiles as the ice world does, so copy if needed ideas from there. Also, fix the slope tiles.

Phase B – Levels (November?)

Once some tiles are added, people can start making pretty levels with ideas from all the previous ones. Reuse freely but don't constrain because the original had limited height. The Styleguide should be followed. Levels should be more than 60 tiles wide and more than 38 tiles tall to support the largest screen resolution we want to have. (1920 x 1200) As many levels as possible should be created so that we can mash ideas together and improve upon them.

Phase C – Code (Anytime)

Various bugs have been uncovered and need to be fixed, so people can create parallax backgrounds and other useful designs. Ice tiles should get implemented so Tux can skid around. We might want slope-sliding, except that requires OBB's... Some new enemy behaviors should be added so people can have variety in playing.

Other Phases

Some other phases exist that aren't key to playing the game or creating content for it:

Phase D – Sounds and Music (Before release)

The skid sound, grow-up, and some others don't sound quite in line with the rest. They should get tuned up to sound better... The music is also rather monotonous, as there are only 3 or so songs that levels can use. More could/should get created...

Phase E – Editor (Before level phase begins)

Some people have lots of trouble running the C# editor, as evidenced by the large numbers (22) of bugs resulting in the complete inability to edit and create levels. Either some other language should be used, or a full-time support team (person?) should be around...