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Providing a backtrace

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This document describes how to provide a backtrace for reporting bugs when SuperTux crashes.


  1. First, ensure DEBUG is enabled so SuperTux is compiled with debugging symbols.
    1. Run ccmake . and make sure DEBUG is set to ON. Use <enter> to toggle the setting.
    2. Press C then G to generate the new configuration and exit.
  2. If you haven't previously run cmake ., do so now.
  3. Run make to compile SuperTux
  4. Start SuperTux with gdb ./supertux2
  5. Enter run to start SuperTux. Alternatively, you can enter run <params> to start SuperTux with parameters.
  6. When SuperTux crashes, enter bt into GDB. This will provide you with the backtrace which can be sent to the mailing list or included in a

bug report.


If you're asked to set a breakpoint, it can be done in GDB using break <filename>:<linenum> before entering run