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The colourblind issue

An issue that might or might not be relevant: colourblind people would be unable to tell the difference between a red block and a green block, being unable to play eg. light+magic.stl, or even unable to see any colour in coloured blocks. This was not an issue in MS1, since this feature was not present.

It might be a bit harder to test the colors with try and error but the level is still solvable. Now if you were blind, that would be a problem. Are you colorblind so you can give us some hints on what kind of textures work best for that problem? Depending on the colors you are blind to, it might be hard to distinguish background and platforms in other levels, too. But i can't s see a way to test for that problem without being colorblind, which i'm not.

No, I'm not colourblind, I just had this thought. The Wikipedia about colour blindness ( might be useful. Take the apple example there: since red and green are treated equally, light+magic.stl (that uses green and red blocks mostly) would be quite hard to solve. --Shylence 07:21, 14 January 2007 (PST)