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Can someone tell me more about this joystick buttons as axis? I've never seen such a thing. Is it that common that it warrants an own point in the menu? Or would be enough to support it with an entry in the config file?

Multi Player

How about to put a multi-player option? I think that is interesting to have a 2 player game in the same keyboard at home. The camera can have the center in the center of the 2 penguins and they can't to stay away more then the screen width.

Thanks, Aurium

See Talk:Multiplayer mode --AnMaster 01:04, 28 Jun 2006 (BST)

SVG Sprites

How about to use SVG images for the sprites, like Gnome and KDE Games? It will be very good to make the game suitable for all dimensions (from Nokia 700 to an big 16x9 fullscreen). I can draw something...

Thanks, Aurium

I was about to say the same thing.. I'm no expert nor designer, but I can help converting images to SVG as well.. Cristan

AFAIK (but I'm not a good artist) SVG isn't suitable for all shading and drawing tricks that the current supertux graphics are using. It would give the game a totally different style (and not a nicer one IMO). In fact someone already tries something like this here: It's not bad, but I think our current hand-drawn look is nicer than this "clean" svg look. --MatzeB 10:07, 26 Oct 2006 (CEST)

I agree with MatzeB, I prefer the current look too. --AnMaster 01:34, 27 Oct 2006 (CEST)

I'm not sure about SVG, but I am an artist and I really don't find current supertux's graphics good - it doesn't look cartoony like like Super Mario Bros., doesn't look painty like Braid and doesn't look realistic like Donkey Kong Country. If changing the style, I would suggest pre-rendered tiles instead. It would give a much greater flexibility as it makes it possible to change the style in any way necessary and also allow for much greater animation fluidity. Besides, switching to SVG would require a massive coding overhaul (unfortunately, the page showing the SVG-graphics game is down so I can't judge it) Jack Mcslay

Ice shot

What would the ice shot do? Would it be like the standar fireball going straith? or would it be a freezer like in metroid so you could use frost enemies as platforms (and maybe destroyable through butt jump or a second ice shot)? the last one could be cool ----


Can you rethink about using OpenGL? If this becomes a requirement you are going to lose part of your userbase... Is not like the Snes had 3d hardware and zsnes works in 2d just fine.

That would mean to test everything with two graphic drivers and keeping them in sync. Do you volunteer for that job? Btw, are YOU playing on a machine without OpenGL support? Or do you just think that there might be somweone out there that does?
What about Mesa? That would be as slow as with the SDL-patch.
Last time I tested the now unmaintained nogl patch it was as fast as the gl version, but I have an AMD64 so it might just be a question of "raw" processing power --AnMaster 01:30, 27 Oct 2006 (CEST)


I've played an old version of the SVN build, and milestone 2 really looks like a very complete game to me. It features everything what I'd expect in SuperTux. I've had just 1 crash on exiting the program, but I really think that will be fixed when going final. Why not call milestone 2 "SuperTux 1.0"? Most people think when they see "0.2" that it is some crappy beta version, which milestone 2 obviously is not. Cristan

We stand by this decision, even though it makes sense. You'll just have to tell those poor, misinformed souls to download STM1 and STM2 and note the differences. Oh, and tell them to call it Milestone 2, not "SuperTux 0.3.0".


When is the relase?

is it in this year?

-- 09:18, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

This question gets asked quite frequently. In fact, it gets asked that frequently that it got put on the Frequently Asked Questions page. hth -- 20:57, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

spiders :-(

EVERYONE in my family is scared of (even cartoonish) spiders.

me too