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i think the tumbleweed should be different from things that do the same thing, ants are similar to mudballs, bouncy ball is exacly like tumbleweed, so i propose a new behavior for tumbleweed:

behavior: runs on the ground like snowball except faster, and if it goes over a ledge it does not fall as fast. Unless it bumps into something. Then it starts rolling upwards until one of the following happen: the obstacle is climbed, a timer runs out, or it encounters another block perpendicular to its current path. In the last two cases it parts from the obstacle and falls in an arc to the ground. In all cases it goes back to being like it started.

apperance: a ball-shaped plant the color of wheat perhaps with (an) eye/eyes in the middle

hurt tux: like bouncy snowball

hurt it: bounce on its top to squish it. ice flower brings it to the ground and freezes it rendering it imobile and takes 3 bounces to completely demolish and fireflower makes it burst into flame and go faster for a while before it turns into ash.


This enemy should appear in the desert world (if there is one). --TON 19:41, 25 November 2007 (UTC)