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Voice Meeting Setup

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To get development speed up and back into motion we are currently trying the use of meetings via voice chat instead of just text, the first meeting so far was a success and we want to do it again. This page is meant to document the required software and setup.

Meeting times will be announced on the mailing list and the IRC channel.


Three pieces are needed to participate fully in a meeting, one is Teamspeak, a voice chat application typically used for internet games, the other is netBrush, a multiplayer paint application and, last but not least, a good old IRC client:


Go to and download the client application. They have official binaries for Windows and Linux as well as an unofficial MacOS version. Ask for server information on the IRC channel when a meeting is about to begin.


Using netbrush is relatively simple, its started with:

./netbrush-client SERVER PORT

both SERVER and PORT are announced before the start of the meeting on IRC.


The meetings always start on IRC, when all people that want to participate are available the conference room number is chosen. The first meeting showed that making netbrush server and conference room number available to the public isn't a good idea, since netbrush-server currently has trouble with people connecting late into a session. So to keep things stable, the room number isn't published on the public channel, but /msg'ed to everyone that wants to participate one by one, making sure that their setup is working.


There seems to be one viable alternative to Ekiga and that is mumble, its simpler in that it doesn't require an account and is specifically designed for multiple people talking at once. However quite a few people had trouble getting it to compile or fail to work properly with their soundcard, while Ekiga worked for most.