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Walking tree

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Walking tree
Image of Walking tree
Found in: Forest
Appearance: A walking tree with eyes.
Behaviour: Walks around. Stays on platforms.
Squishable: yes
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: yes
Freezable: yes
Status: unstable

Walking tree (sometimes also Mr. Tree) is a badguy in the Forest. When jumped on by Tux, breaks into two Poison Ivy and one Stumpy.

Design considerations

This section may be outdated.

Hurt Tux Option 1: Run over him.

Hurt Tux Option 2: Runs over him and throws harmful objects at him. Mr.tree starts throwing fire balls after being hit with a fire shot from Tux.

Hurt Tux Option 3: Mr.Tree throws (spawns) harmful leaf/hair clump creatures by pulling clumps from his head. These leaf/weed creatures attack Tux.

Hurt the enemy Option 1: Jump onto it.

Hurt the enemy Option 2: Knock down Mr.Tree by throwing a Snail shells at him. Snails creatures can be stunned and then thrown at the tree. If Mr.Tree is hit with fire the animation changes and Mr.tree starts throwing fire balls at Tux. It is not a good idea for the player to light trees on fire, it just makes Mr.Tree mad.

Additional and/or Future Gameplay Ideas: Tux could jump into the tree from under and control them since they're hollow, but only if Tux is invulnerable. However, he can't jump inside them, other than out of them.

Side Notes: normal trees in the background may shake their branches to disturb Tux and other creatures. Also, nonwalking trees in the background might shake their branches disturbing Tux and other creatures.

There might be rolling logs as well. Floating logs could also be useful when crossing a river/waterfall; Tux could control them if he jumped on them.

Proposal for burning Mr. Tree

When Mt. Tree is hit by a fireball, it might be set on fire. A burning Mr Tree runs around, killing small enemies (like Poison Ivies) and setting on fire other Mr Trees and straw blocks. If a burning tree hits Mr Bomb, they both die (Mr Bomb explodes). After a while, Mr Tree's leaves will burn completely, reducing it to a normal Stumpy (or killing it). A burning tree might be immune to fireballs.

Proposal for Spooky Mr Tree

In Ghost forest, Mr Tree could have no leaves and have a carved out, spooky face with jagged branches. In Milestone 0.3, Mr Tree releases one or two Poison Ivies when jumped on. Spooky Mr Tree could release bats or some such thing.

Proposal for Branches

Mr Tree could have a thin branch sticking out either side of him which Tux can stand on to be carried around. This could serve a purpose if there was something that badguys could walk through but Tux couldn't.

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