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SuperTux Portable aims to allow users to play SuperTux on embedded devices such as PDAs, the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS or low-CPU PCs.

This page is meant to collect links to whatever ports are sitting around the internet. Note that the developers have nothing to do with these ports, so you're on your own when installing them or dealing with whatever problems they have.



An iPhone port of the development version was being developed by a third party group, but has been put on hold due to GPL/App Store incompatibility: [1] [2]


Semi functional android port. Playable levels. No sound. No opengl support.

more complete/functional port


A port for Symbian phones exists at

Game Boy Advance


Playstation Portable

An unofficial port of version 0.1.3 for the PSP has already been created. Also see here.

PDA, Zaurus

0.1.1 was ported to the 640x480 Zauruses:

UPDATE: 0.1.1 version has been replaced by 0.1.2 version at

Pocket PC