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Note to Packagers

The 0.3.x versions series is meant to show of new features of the engine, new graphics and such. It is not meant to be fully playable or polished. For that reason it is recommend that distributions should, for example, not replace a "supertux" package of SuperTux 0.1.x, but instead ship a new "supertux2" package of SuperTux 0.3.x.

Most Recent Binaries

These versions are unstable development snapshots of SuperTux containing features added since the release of 0.3.3. These are unofficial versions of SuperTux and are generally built by third parties. These snapshots are not all at the same point of development, and may suffer from bugs unique to their build. They are ideal for those interested in the most recent developments of the game but do not want or know how to build from the source code.


Builds of for both SuperTux and editor are available for Ubuntu. They are updated daily to contain the most recent developments and are accessible here:


Snapshot of SuperTux as of November 2012 (compiled on Win7/VS2010):

Mac OS X

Snapshots of development just prior to moving from SVN to GIT:

Release 0.3.3

Announcement on supertux-devel

This is an unstable development snapshot of SuperTux, released on March 1st, 2010.

This version is available as a source code tarball, from the following locations:

A Windows installer has been released:

Note about the 0.3.2 Release

Apparently, there are Mac binaries out there called version 0.3.2. These are built from a recent SVN snapshot and it's not an official release from the SuperTux Team. The latest version is 0.3.1. If you want to build and release binaries from development snapshots you are welcome to do so, but please point this out in the version number (for example, by adding -SVN or -unofficial or a date) to avoid confusion.

Release 0.3.1

This is an unstable development snapshot of SuperTux.

To download SuperTux 0.3.1, please find your system in the following table:

Note about editor: If you get errors about "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" see the "Bugs and Errors" section in the Editor FAQ

Debian Package:
Linux Autopackage:
Windows Installer:
Mac OS X (universal):

Contributed Binaries

None (we know of) so far.

Release 0.3.0

To download SuperTux 0.3.0, please find your system in the following table:

Linux Installer:

A test version that uses no OpenGL calls is also available. Refer to the Autopackage website for help on installing Autopackages. Also available from an unofficial mirror.

Windows Installer:

Also available from an unofficial mirror. You may have to download and execute the OpenAL Installer for Windows from its download page.


Also available from an unofficial mirror.

Contributed Binaries


Builds of required OpenAL and PhysFS versions are also available.

Ubuntu 6.10:

Someone has put a third-party .deb package of SuperTux for Ubuntu edgy on their site.

Ubuntu 7.04:

Game is available in the official repository.

Ubuntu 7.10:

Game is available in the official repository.

Mac OS X: