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Multiplayer mode

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A few mode ideas have been discussed on the Mailing List.

  • Cooperative mode
    • 2 or more players cooperate on the same screen (on the same computer or thru a network); or
    • Original Mario Bros co-op mode

Competition mode - 2 or more players race to finish levels

Showing both players at once (e.g., split-screen (or on multiple computers))

Might be able to bump other player off the screen in competition mode...

Versus mode - One player plays Tux, one plays Nolok (or other characters) and try to get each other.

Turn mode - Players take turns, when they die it is the other players turn.

I can see two ways to do this:

  1. Players have to complete the whole level, no new levels until the level has been completed by at least one player
  2. When a player dies, the next player starts where the last player died.

Michael Lubker (zratchet), who helped with some of the original Milestone 2/onward concepts, is working on designing Super Tux Smash, a multiplayer mod.