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Script for CutScene 1

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Proposal 1 of the Script for cutscene 1 proposed by TuxthePenguin.

[scene begins showing the icefields, camera moves left to show Tux and Penny having picnic.] Penny: what a lovely day. Tux: yes it is, this was a great idea of yours to have a picnic, Penny: Why thank you Tux, you are sweet (Tux Blushes) Tux: heh want to see me dance? Penny: erm.. Tux: ok then Penny: er.. Tux: Ready? Penny: .. (some kind of hard to understand rap(?)) (big woosh, smoke/darkness(or something)) (in the darkness) Penny: wahhhh | Tux: oompft Tux: oh my head, what was that Penny? Tux: Penny?? Tux: PENNY WHERE ARE YOU? Tux: Wait a minute what's this? and why am I talking to myself? (Tux skip reads letter) Tux: Oh my I must rescue penny... [a seal appears] Seal: yeah and stop talking to yourself [the seal goes away] [end scene]