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Secret Area

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SuperTux 0.3.x: This text describes features that can be found in SuperTux 0.3.0 or later

The Secret Area Trigger is used to mark secret areas, at the moment it fades a tilemap, writes a message to the screen, and adds to the number of secrets the player has found in a level, as well as marking the total number of secrets.

It is specified something like the following:

  (width <width>)
  (height <height>)
  (x <top left corner's x coordinate>)
  (y <top left corner's x coordinate>)
  (fade-tilemap "<secret area tilemap cover>")

Upon entering the secret area, the specified tilemap will be faded, "You found a secret area!" will be displayed, and the user will have one more found secret added to his statistics. Nothing is currently done when leaving a secret area.