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What do you think - is "Igel" ok for you?

Vote yes or no. You might want to give an alternative in either case. Don't forget to state your (nick-)name for further discussion.

  • yes / Mr. Igel, Mr. Hedgehog, Haggles / Christoph
  • yes / Who cares about the name? Players don't see them anyway. So the inventor gets to name his badguy as he likes. IMO a real name is much better for developer discussions than just badguy001, badguy002, ...
  • yes / Igel. I care about the names, but I think Igel is a very good name for this bad guy - who I like alot / gwater
  • no / It sounds pretty weird; makes me think of "angel"; not too descriptive. (Yukaili)
  • yes / Very creative name, despite the fact that most people (like me) won't know what an igel would actually be. --FlyingPenguins