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How should Mr. Bomb expire, depending on how he got hit?

Please cast your vote by adding to the following table:

Christoph sik0fewl BuBuaBu litespeed ThOR27 yukaili FlyingPenguins Afief AnMaster Julius_Freezer Wolfs Quispiam
shot explosion explosion explosion explosion explosion explosion ineffective ineffective explosion explosion explosion explosion
invincible fall fall fall fall fall fall fall fall fall explosion fall ticking bomb
kicked badguy fall fall ticking bomb ticking bomb fall fall fall fall fall no opinion explosion explosion
squish ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb ticking bomb
bump fall fall fall fall fall fall fall ticking bomb fall ticking bomb, or fall ticking bomb ticking bomb


FlyingPenguins, are you having browser troubles or something? Your edit blanked the page. - Sik0fewl 21:00, 28 Apr 2006 (BST)

  • Well, when I edited the page with my added votes and stuff, when I saved it, the page was blanked. And when I checked the page history, you had made an edit before me, and that edit was empty, so I thought you had blanked the topic. Sorry about the blanking, though I think it was something in the MediaWiki software or my Firefox brower that made the page and page edit content in the prior edits blank. Anyways, I readded my comments. --FlyingPenguins 08:42, 29 Apr 2006 (BST)

BuBuaBu : When a MrBomb is hurt by a kicked badguy, I think that he could be jump and then being ticking

litespeed: I like BuBuaBu's idea... anywho... I think that after being hit by a kicked badguy it would be a nice thing if mister bomb would start to slide (just as if being kicked, too) along ticking -- that's offer some new possibilities. :-)

yukaili : What would bump exactly mean?

sik0fewl: bump is when Tux hits a block from below and the badguy is killed if he's standing on the block

FlyingPenguins: I kind of prefer how Super Mario Bros. 3 handles Bob-Ombs. They shouldn't be affected by fireballs (if that is what "shot" means), can be killed by running through them with invincibility, being bumped from underneath, or being run over by a kicked badguy, and if squished, they will remain dormant for a few seconds before blinking and exploding.

Afief: couldn't it be made that when a kicked badguy hits mr.bomb he does a little jump and then starts ticking? same effect would be cool for bump too. (didn't know how to explain that in the table)

Julius_Freezer: I think that the bomb should end up exploding/ticking for most outcomes. I see the whole point of the bomb being that it blows up. However, I don't have any problem with it just falling off when being bumped (though I do think it would be cool if that set it ticking). --Julius_Freezer 15:42, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

m_gol: IMHO the old Mr. Bomb looked nice, the new one is just ugly. Even the explosion was made better in the old version, now it looks very poor. Are You sure it's the right direction? m_gol 06:42, 11 April 2010 (UTC)