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0000886supertux-contribLevels and worldmapspublic2011-11-08 17:382012-12-22 05:17
Assigned Tolmh 
Platformx86 (Intel, AMD, 32-bit)OSLinuxOS Version2.6
Summary0000886: The Valley Of Chaos - New worldmap and levelset
DescriptionHere is a new worldmap that I have made. It contains 25 levels, and original music written my me (submitted in bug 0000875, [^]). PLEASE COMMENT! Let me know what you think of the levels and music and report any bugs you find. Thanks in advance for all of your help....

Attached Fileszip file icon The Valley Of [^] (3,698,855 bytes) 2011-11-08 17:39

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lmh (administrator)
2011-11-09 22:27

I enjoyed playing through your levels. Aside from a few minor graphical glitches, the set looks very nice.

I was worried that your music was going to cycle abruptly in the game, but I found that I didn't notice so much (unless I was looking for it). I do like having more music options for regular levels and you did a good job.

The gameplay of the levels is good, but I did notice a couple of things:

-I had some resolution issues due to levels being smaller than the screen. I first noticed this on "Into The Valley (finally....)" during the vertical-scrolling secret sector. I think the minimum width to avoid that is 40 tiles, and the minimum height is 21. You will not notice using the lower resolutions but it's kinda awkward looking on high-res.

-The precision long jump in "The Crowded Downtown" really annoyed me. For some reason I cannot consistently make the maximum jumping distance with big Tux for the life of me. I am sure novice players will get frustrated at this part. Also I found the inside of the building to suffer from being too narrow (previous point). In addition, the bonus blocks at the top were unobtainable (non-solid layer), only one dart trap was working, and the level is unpassable as small Tux due to the brick floor right before the end.

-The background layer of bricks in "Down in the Mines" made the secret area obnoxious to reach and seems needless.

-I could not obtain all the coins in a single run of "Down To The Prison"

-I thought that the difficulty of "The Pirates' Buried Treasure" was a bit out-of-place. The lava pit has too low a ceiling for big Tux to clear, and the slopes before the cannon make for a very difficult encounter. Although this could be due to the difference between the snapshot and SVN (I assume you're using the snapshot, slopes behave a bit differently in more recent builds).

-I couldn't figure out how to get through all the thorn vines in "The Green House", this made it impossible for me to collect all the coins.

-You might want to consider moving the trigger to close the gate in the Yeti battle a little further a way- as it is when Tux is big it's easy to accidentally take damage by getting caught in the door. Also it is possible to be locked out.

Overall this is a very nice extracurricular set. Most of my points are pretty minor, and some are probably just my arbitrary preference. I found the levels quite enjoyable in the end.
hume2 (administrator)
2011-11-10 07:48

The minimal size of sector is not exact. The default size is 25x19. Lmh has another resultion. If isn't there written the resultion of your screen, then this levelset is probably done for the default resultion.
semajD (reporter)
2011-11-10 12:52

Thanks for the tips. I should get around to fixing these problems soon.

If anyone could help me make the music better that would be great. I don't know much about the music for SuperTux, but I'm guessing the .music files for this music could be improved. If you could help with the music go to [^]
semajD (reporter)
2011-11-14 11:47

Has anyone else played this worldmap? What do you think?
semajD (reporter)
2012-01-21 13:39

I haven't had a chance to make the suggested changes and upload version 2 of Valley Of Chaos, and I probably won't for a while longer. If anyone wants to fix the bugs, add levels, etc, and upload version 2, I would appreciate it.

Also if you haven't played this worldmap yet, please do and post your comments, so whoever make version 2 has as much to go on as possible.

ctdabomb (administrator)
2012-01-21 13:57

I can probably fix those bugs for you semajd. You made a nice worldmap.
lmh (administrator)
2012-12-20 14:05

Accessible via the Addon Manager in GIT revision 947098af8085
giby (administrator)
2012-12-22 05:17

Nice music, maybe you should tried to make new world map with otherenvironement that antartica (or forest)
I saw the list long time ago, but noone seems working on it

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