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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001151Game Engineminorresolved (Tobbi)2018-05-02Playback of a demo stops at sector transitions. Controller is back to keyboard then...
  00003685Translationsminorresolved (Tobbi)2018-05-02Arabic not display correct
  00010683Sound and Musicfeatureresolved (Tobbi)2018-05-02New Halloween music track
  0001076 Graphicsminornew2016-03-08Eniemies don't turn upward when killed by start of invincibility.
  0000917 Gameplaymajorresolved2015-12-30jumping up under bounus blocks kills bomb unless they have already been hit and are turning different colors
  00008425Translationsminorresolved (Tobbi)2015-11-29SuperTux can't translate strings in user script files
  0000895 Gameplaymajorresolved2015-11-22Falling badguys can push other badguys through uni-solid tiles
  00004431Game Engineminorresolved (grumbel)2015-11-22background is not drawn
  0000071 Sound and Musicfeatureresolved (Tobbi)2015-11-20Sound when tux drinks a magic potion that flips the level around
  00008991Gameplayminorresolved2015-11-20mini bombs can slide squished snowballs
  00008842Gameplayminorfeedback2015-11-15owl/skydive bug
  00008943Gameplaymajorresolved2015-10-27Coin counter displays 9999 when you close the game with the x button
  00005052Game Enginemajorresolved (hume2)2015-10-21Tux is not crushed between a rising platform and solid tiles
  00004823Game Enginemajorresolved (hume2)2015-10-21Tux is hurt when his head grazes a corner
  000010110Game Engineminornew2015-10-21The collision detection code doesn't move tux completely out of the collision on slopes
  00007563Graphicsmajorresolved (hume2)2015-10-20Burn effects
  00009132Startupminorresolved (hume2)2015-10-20black screen bugs
  00009425Othertrivialresolved (hume2)2015-10-19Hardcoded 9999 coins in source when there's an appropriate constant
  00010163Gameplayminorresolved (hume2)2015-10-18Remove unreachable badguys in Worlds
  00002443Game Enginecrashresolved (hume2)2015-10-18Let supertux handle lack of data files gracefully and without exiting abnormally
  00007461Gameplayminorresolved (hume2)2015-10-17Kugelbitz is behaving strangely
  00000621Sound and Musicfeatureacknowledged2015-10-17create more sound effects, see User_ideas#Sound_Effects, World_2#Atmosphere for more ambient sound ideas
  00000663Sound and Musicfeaturenew2015-10-17Wind (ambient) for high plateaus, over-the-clouds action, fast platforms, ...
  00010373Levels and Worldmapsfeatureresolved (hume2)2015-10-17Add ghost tree boss to forest world
  00009091Gameplayminorresolved (Tobbi)2015-10-16Badguys can't be burned by strawbox
  00005291Graphicsminorresolved2015-10-16Weird menu background at 16 bpp
  00010693Building and Installationfeatureresolved2015-10-16Simple way to compile Supertux-GIT on Ubuntu
  00005831Game Engineminorresolved (Tobbi)2015-10-16Console does not open on warnings
  00002871Graphicsmajorresolved2015-10-11the graphic crashes
  00007284Levels and Worldmapsmajorresolved (hume2)2015-08-3135 issues in Bonus Island 1
  00006391Othertweakresolved2015-06-22Cursor stops working when switching to OpenGL
  00009033Startupminorresolved (grumbel)2015-06-12Game will not start if played earlier with bigger resolution than new monitor can handle
  00010753Building and Installationmajorresolved2015-05-08Can't download the addons list
  00009014Translationsminorresolved (giby)2015-04-08New Finnish translation
  0001001 Building and Installationminorresolved (giby)2015-04-08Build bug / Warning
  00010382Otherfeatureresolved (giby)2015-04-08Please add a AppData application description
  00009674Graphicsminorresolved (lmh)2015-04-08For tiled images, don't decode the same PNG file over and over again
  00010363Graphicsminorresolved (sydneyjd)2015-04-08Graphics for iced cherry bomb
  00010064Gameplaytrivialresolved (Tobbi)2015-04-07Crystal Beauty complaint
  00010522Gameplayminorresolved (Tobbi)2015-04-07Remapped keyboard doesn't work in menu/world
  00005133Otherfeatureresolved (Tobbi)2015-03-16Pause the game when the window loses focus
  00005884Graphicsmajorresolved (grumbel)2015-03-16Buggy background drawing
  0001064 Sound and Musicminorresolved (Tobbi)2015-03-16Music should not restart on death
  0001063 Gameplayminorresolved (Tobbi)2015-03-09Tux walks back in water when get the key in "Shocking"
  00010702Sound and Musicminorresolved (Tobbi)2015-02-01pausing the game does not stop music
  00008461Building and Installationblockresolved (grumbel)2014-10-25Hardcoded windres.exe prevents cross-compiling.
  0001067 Building and Installationmajornew2014-10-22Compiling Supertux for Windows
  00003971Game Engineminorassigned (grumbel)2014-08-26Ambient light rounding error?
  000053912Building and Installationblockresolved (octo)2014-08-19Release build doesn't start at all
  00010621Game Enginecrashresolved (WolfgangB)2014-08-19Crash when trying to configure keyboard
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