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Behaviour: zigzag flight, eats Ants - Can zero in on Tux

Look: A Bat

Hurt Tux: like Snowball

Hurt it: jump or spit


Flutters up and down, upon seeing Tux dives and tries to catch him (much like Zeekling).

is'nt Zeekling enough??? --Disk 18:40, 30 August 2007 (UTC)

Perhaps in Ghost Forest, a Spooky Mr Tree could, when jumped on, release bats instead of Poison Ivies. They could fly straight up into the air, then zoom in on Tux. If Tux dodges the could hurt they ground and get stunned, ay which point Tux could jump on them.

Bat behaviour.png


This would work if Ghostly Tree was to release two bats. They could fly up to the top of the screen and then fly straight down at Tux, who would have to dodge at the last moment. If he succeeds, the bats would be 'stunned,' at which point they could be squished. Diagram: Mr Bat.jpeg Mr Bat Stunned.jpeg