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Bonus block

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Bonus blocks are blocks that Tux can hit with his head to get coins or powerups.

The editor differentiates which powerups are given:

Bonus Block.jpeg

A common bonus block giving Tux 1 coin.

Bonus Block - Crate.jpeg

A wooden crate, yielding six coins, one per hit.

Bonus Block - Snowy Crate.jpeg

The same as the normal crate, but is used when the area is more snowy.

Bonus Block - Powerup.jpeg

Standard powerup, meaning an egg, a fireflower, or an iceflower depending on whether Tux is big.

Bonus Block - Invinsible.jpeg

Invincibility star. Collisions which would kill Tux instead kill the badguy, if he is killable.

Bonus Block - Invisible.jpeg

This is invisible until you hit it with your head. It then appears as an empty bonus block. These are often used to produce paths to secret areas.

Bonus Block - 100 coins.jpeg

This block releases a tiny penguin when hit. It goes up slightly at an angle away from the side Tux hits it on, then curves and goes down, to be lost forever unless Tux can catch it before it goes into the ground. He currently gets 100 coins. This could be changed as he only loses about 25 when he dies.

Bonus Block - Empty.jpeg

All bonus blocks look like this once used, but there are also some which begin like this. They act exactly like a normal, solid block.