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The SuperTux bug tracker can be found at:

The Bugs page was moved to our bug tracker. See OldBugs for older versions.

Using the bug tracker

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Status of a bug report

Each bug report has an associated status. When you first open a bug, its status is new and its resolution is set to open.

Once the bug has been fixed or the new feature has been incorporated, the status is set to resolved and the resolution is set to fixed (or unable to reproduce or something like that).

More feedback

"What?! He resolved my bug without doing anything?!"

It is common that the SuperTux team needs more information from you. In this case, the bug is also resolved and the resolution is set to suspended. It is your responsibility as the reporter of the bug to re-open the bug report once you have the required information available. When you re-open the bug its status is (automatically) set to feedback and the resolution is set to reopened. The team then knows that there is new information available and will review it.