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Unstable tile

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Unstable tiles are a special kind of tile on which Tux can stand only for a limited time. After that, the block starts to dissolve and / or to fall down.

The sprites for unstable tiles may have four actions:

Displayed until Tux steps on the tile.
The tile shakes but is still solid.
The tile is dissolving. After the animation for this action is done, the tile will be set non-solid.
Gravity is enabled for this tile and it will begin to fall down.

Each of the actions shake, dissolve and fall-down is optional. If a sprite doesn't have the dissolve action, the till will still be solid when the fall-down action is executed (Donut Tile style). If the tile doesn't have a fall-down action, it will be removed after the dissolve animation is done (Giana Sisters style).