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A Path is a series of points that can be followed by some objects. This way controlled movement can be implemented, like opening doors, moving platforms, traps, etc.


  (mode "circular")
    (x 800)
    (y 96)
    (time 0.3)
    (x 832)
    (y 96)
    (time 1.0)


A path consists of a mode setting and one or more nodes.


The mode specifies the behavior at the end of the path when automatic movement is activated, i.e. the object is going to all nodes in order one by one (rather than being told to go to a specific node and stay there). It takes one string argument with the following possible values:

  • circular
    After reaching the last node go directly back to the first node, forming a circle.
  • pingpong
    After reaching the last node go back the path, visiting all nodes in reverse order. This is especially useful for moving platforms that go back and forth a specific path.
  • oneshot
    When reaching the last node, stay there.
    (FIXME: I have no idea if this is correct)
  • unordered
    Travels to a random node and never stops. Goes directly to given node when not running.


(mode "circular")


Nodes are points in the level along which the associated object moves. They have the following attributes:

  • x
    x-coordinate of the point in pixels.
  • y
    y-coordinate of the point in pixels.
  • time (optional)
    Time it takes to move to the next point in seconds. Defaults to one second.


  (x 42)
  (y 23)
  (time 1.337)


Objects a path is associated with usually provide the following methods:

goto_node(int node_no) advance until at given node, then stop. Nodes are numbered from 0 to n − 1.
start_moving() start advancing automatically
stop_moving() stop advancing automatically

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