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Image of Snail
Found in: Forest
Appearance: A green snail with a purple helmet.
Behaviour: Moves around, falling from platforms.
Squishable: yes
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: yes
Freezable: yes
Status: unstable

Snail or Slow Snail is a badguy found in the Forest. When jumped upon, flips over. When flipped over, further jumps on it will kick it around, hurting everything in its way. Dies when buttjumped or after being squished for a number of times.

Design considerations

The Snow Snail should be an enhanced counterpart to Icy Island's Mr. IceBlock. They currently share the same behaviour, i.e. Tux can jump on it to make it stop, carry it around and/or kick it to use it as a projectile. In addition to that, the Snow Snail could stop from time to time and excrete puddles of slime that cover the ground and disappear after a certain amount of time. Whenever Tux steps into such a puddle, his movement is slowed down and he cannot jump until he slowly worked his way out of the trap or the puddle disappears by itself.

The Snow Snail should move slower than Mr IceBlock and speed up whenever Tux is in its visible area, especially when he's trapped in a slime puddle.

Since the Snail is used in the forest world, the name might be changed to Slow Snail

  • Proposed modified behaviour:
    • When flipped over and bumped horizontally, the Snail will just flip back on its feet
    • When flipped over and jumped on one end, the Snail will fly not only horizontally but also vertically
    • When it hits a wall while flying it will turn back on its feet
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