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Did we actually use any fishes in Icyisland? - sik0fewl

Not that I've seen, maybe should add some? Seems to me World1 should still be improved (i.e. add more paths) - zratchet

No, I think we should leave World1 as-is, except for a boss and maybe minibosses. - sik0fewl

I removed Fish from Icyisland list - sik0fewl


Which world and milestone is skullyhop technically in? --Julius_Freezer 01:39, 28 June 2012 (UTC)


I don't think a cactus really fits in with the forest theme, it's more of a desert thing. - sik0fewl

both dillos and cacti are in the jungle. I've read about it. - zratchet


Personally I think that World1 is far too long and too hard, especially if we want to add more levels. Also, it's too SMB1-ish (monotonous). - NabsS

Please be more constructive in your criticism. If you found it monotonous, supply ideas on how to make it more interesting. It's better to have a goal to work towards instead of only having something to avoid...
Maybe Icyisland could have slopes and more-than-one-screen-high levels? Icy levels should benefit of work done after they were made, not being stuck to what they were. --polyprograms 14:07, 7 Sep 2006 (BST)


Looking around, I noticed that badguys' data is a bit messy. What about a template like this?

Badguy name

Game sprite: picture of the badguy

Found in: Icyisland, Light Forest and so on

Behaviour: basic behaviour, like "Walks around", "Jumps" and so on

Squishable: yes or no, plus effects triggered by squishing (like Mr.Tree's and Mr. Iceblock's)

"Butt-Jumpable": effect when Butt-Jumped (maybe with another label...)

Freezable: effect on contact with IceBullet (e.g. for Mr Bomb this would be something like "Yes. Can be carried when frozen")

Burnable: effect on contact with FireBullet, Lava and so on

Voices like Implemented since MS 1/2 and Current status: implemented/to be implemented/proposed/rejected might also be useful.


Having such a template would really be great. Maybe it could even be a Wiki Template. Now all that left to do is finding someone willing to apply the template ;-)

It works now, see Template:Badguy. Use it as {{badguy|badguy name|image name|found in|behaviour|squishable|buttjumpable|freezable|burnable}}. Italic parts are variable. -Shylence

New Format is {{Badguy | name=Spiky | image=Spiky | worlds=IcyIsland | appearance=Mr. Snowball wearing a spiky helmet | behaviour=Walks around | squish=no | butt-jump=no | freeze=yes | ignite=yes, killed }}

The Infobox Badguy template

I've spent some hours today getting the badguys organized and standardized. I have created the Infobox Badguy template which displays a nice infobox on the right of each badguy's page and uses some wiki magic to put each badguy into a number of categories. This template obsoletes the old and, I'm sorry to say, rather ugly Badguy template.

Further ideas are:

  • Add a Version argument which automatically translates to “Status: Released” and “Status: Development” and puts the badguy into a category for that version.
  • For each badguy, create list in which levels he/she/it appears. This should be pretty easy to extract from the .stl-files with a small script.

Any feedback is highly welcome. —octo 19:03, 24 January 2010 (UTC)