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Antarctica Ending

I think the end for antarctica should show the yeti pulling out a big club and whacking him to the next world -F50

That doesn't make a lot of sense after Tux was victorous over him...
Tux doesn't have to defeat the yeti, just hurt him a couple of times. See Talk:Yeti for the original propostion of the idea -F50
I still think this is stupid. Tux should defeat the Yeti and move on (although I'm still not sure how exactly). And why should we make a reference to a dumb flash game? -Wansti

Play as Penny

Perhaps the player can choose between using Tux or Penny for milestone 3. Also why does Penny go to this world instead of anywhere else and does Tux follow somehow?

That is to be explained after milestone 2; according to these story ideas, the forest world gets an open end with Tux beating the boss and Penny escaping, both unaware of each other's presence. -Wansti

Butt Jump

I like the idea of the yeti teaching Tux the butt-jump. For flapping Tux could fall off a cliff on his way to the forest and learn by necessity. -F50

World 3

Did we already make a decision saying that world 3 will be a tropical island? -Wansti

Yes (altough not very conclusive), it was kind of decided in that IRC meeting - tuxthepenguin

Island Puzzle

An idea for the island puzzle: A (mathematical?)(randomly generated?) hint is given to the location of an item, tunnel, or path, leading to the a goal. Then Tux/Penny would have to play levels in an area of the ocean or a lake to find it. I think these levels be different from other levels in that Tux/Penny could pass them without playing them. Also, read Rejected ideas to see why the KDE dragon and the GNOME gnome will not be introduced. -F50