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  •  ?-blocks don't indicate at which side they where bumped
    • MatzeB: IMO being able to bounce ? blocks from 2 sides to affect direction of the egg was a pointless feature anyway...
    • Grumbel: it was pointless without backscrolling, with backscrolling however I consider it pretty essential, it should simply be a bit more obvious (block jumping/rotating into the direction it was bumped).


Since I'm not a developer I don't really have a say, so I thought I'd put this on the discussion page. Personally I enjoyed having the side feature of the ? blocks in Milestone 1, and it's one of the biggest things I miss in Milestone 2. I know a few people that liked that feature, mostly because it made the game even more Mario-like. ~Jayson

well, it's back in the game and will probably stay for Milestone 2 -- 13:59, 26 Sep 2006 (BST)

Who the heck thinks the gray tiles are poorly drawn? I say they're great!

Also, here's something else bad about milestone 1: Tux can't swim! However, Tux should have a special swimming method, rather than a simple, old one (like the one in SMB), because penguins are good swimmers (or so I learned at school).