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  • Don't create jumps that require pixel perfect precision unless it is for a special secret area.
  • One thing in particular that I hate is jumps where bigtux usually bumps his head if you don't make a pixel perfect jump. This happens when there are only zero or one spaces above Tux to jump. In example a) below, smalltux (*) can jump from tile X to tile Y without much difficulty. In example b) it's almost impossible for bigtux to jump from tile X to tile Y because he hits his head on Z right away.
a)           b)
 Z            Z
     Y            Y
 *            *    
 X            X    

sik0fewl 19:35, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

  • Do not create exclusive collectable power-ups: I can collect booth power-ups, but if you collect the first, I can not collect the secound.
  • Do not create exclusive reachable secret areas: I can reach booth secret areas, but if you reach the first, I can not reach the secound.
  • Do not close the jumpy to too low passageways. So it's hard to get over it.
    How to not using jumpy

Third World Problem

What exactly is this "Fun Pif" mentioned in the Design Document as part of world three? While I know what "Fun" is I never heard of a "Pif".