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Template:Infobox Badguy

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[[Image:{{{Name}}}.png|Image of {{{Name}}}]]
Found in: {{{FoundIn}}}
Appearance: {{{Appearance}}}
Behaviour: {{{Behaviour}}}
Squishable: {{Squishable}}
Burnable: {{Burnable}}
Butt-Jumpable: {{Buttjumpable}}
Freezable: {{Freezable}}

Example usage

For all your copy'n'paste needs :)

{{Infobox Badguy
| Name=Snowball
| Image=Left-1.png
| FoundIn=[[Icy Island]]
| Appearance=A walking snowball with eyes and boots on.
| Behaviour=Walks around. Falls down from all cliffs.
| Squish=yes
| Buttjump=yes
| Freeze=no
| Burnable=yes
| FirstVersion=0.3


Based on the true / false arguments Squish, Burnable, Buttjump and Freeze, the badguy page is also put in one of the following categories each:

The last category of each group is meant as a maintenance category that, if all pages are formatted correctly, should be empty.