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About Me

I'm a french person that play supertux since it come on Ubuntu. I use Ubuntu and for testing, I use Windows. I have a pen tablet to make computer graphics like the image below.

I use Inkscape to make a global mockup of that I want to make. I use Gimp to make photorealistic or draw-style images. For scripting, I use Geany. I have made script in Html, Css, Javascript, Php, Bash, C/C++, Basic, Asm, Basic on Casio and Ti. I made script now in Html, Css, Javascript, Php and Bash because I work on my website ( that is not online ).

What did I expect from Supertux ?

I expect that supertux can be comparable of the SMB/NSMB on Nintendo DS, and that everybody can make easely a level for supertux, without having trouble.

What I do for supertux ?

I'm making a level that have all tiles from one type, and make it more complete with new tiles.

What can I do for supertux ?

I can help for making levels, debuging levels and make additional graphics.

I can help for find bug and suggestion.

And for now make supertux have more complete tileset for one type of tiles ( for example snow tiles)

What other project I wan't they exist ?

Like SuperTux is a Mario's clone, I think that a clone of a 2D version of "The legend of Zelda" will come in a equivalent quality, and make it easy to create new level for this game.