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SuperTux 0.3.x: This text describes features that can be found in SuperTux 0.3.0 or later

Add-ons are extensions for SuperTux which are distributed separately from the main distribution. In most cases, they are sets of levels contributed by users or groups of users. They may, however, include custom tilesets, which may give these levels a very distinct look. Add-ons are a new feature of version 0.3 and are not available in the Milestone 1 version.

Add-ons can be downloaded from within SuperTux. Simply ensure you have an internet connection, and select "Addons" from the main menu, where you can choose to install the currently available add-ons.

Currently, the following add-ons are available (in the most recent GIT versions of the game):

Name # of Levels Author Download
Christoph's 2 Anja download
Levels of Wolfs 9 Wolfs download
Dungeon Island 4 Torfi Gunnarsson download
Tux Strikes Back 20 Christian Schaefers download
Mattie's World 39 LMH download
Hume's Islands 49 Hume download
Hume's Rainbow Cave 49 Hume download
Octo's Levels 20 Octo download
CT's Domain 49 CT.da'Bomb download
Race to Penny 19 CT.da'Bomb download
Island of Moob (beta) 27 Treskalle download
Narre Land 36 Narre download
The Valley of Chaos 25 SemajD download
Yeti's Revenge 43 Niso download
Mantis Valley 45 Various Authors download

Manual installation

If you cannot use the Add-on manager for some reason (for example if you built SuperTux without libcurl), you can download the add-ons, which are distributed as .zip files. Just copy the file(s) to your SuperTux 2 config directory (~/.supertux2/ on UNIX / Linux, %USERPROFILE%\supertux2\ on Windows).

$ wget -P ~/.supertux2 $ADDON_URL

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