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Flying Snowball
Mr. Bomb

A badguy in SuperTux is a foe of Tux. They may not be "bad" in the way that a hedgehog isn't really bad, but they can certainly hurt Tux. Most of the badguys are creatures, like Snowballs with varying characteristics, but some are more like objects (Stalactite for example) or phenomena like Flame.

Tux will try to avoid approaching badguys if possible. If he runs into one or one drops on his head, he is hurt. When hurt Tux will lose a powerup or, if Tux has no powerups left, will be pushed off the screen.

Many of the badguys Tux can knock out by jumping on them and squishing them. Others are only stunned by this for a short while or are insusceptible to this and hurt Tux instead. As a rule of thumb, badguys with a spiky head or helmet can usually not be jumped on. For a list of badguys that can be squished take a look at the squishable badguys category.

List of badguys in SuperTux 0.1.3

→ See also: Badguy.1 category

The following badguys are available in the stable 0.1 release.

Milestone 2

→ See also: Milestone 2 Design Document/Enemies

Milestone 3

Removed in Milestone 2.png

Milestone 3
This design, feature or badguy will not be included in Milestone 2 but has been pushed to Milestone 3. If this feature is already present in the SVN repository, it will be removed. It may be reintroduced later, but possibly in a different manner. Don't use it!


Removed in Milestone 2.png

Marked for removal
This design, feature or badguy has been or will be removed from the Milestone 2 branch of the SVN repository. The most likely reason for this is that it is not part of any of the design documents. It may be reintroduced later, but possibly in a different manner. Don't use it!

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