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This page lists all known bugs. Feel free to elaborate on any bugs already noted here. Please make a note if a bug has either been fixed or not been fixed (in an old release).


All website bugs have been fixed.

Release 0.1.3

  • If an enemy kills Tux and the user elects to abort the level before he falls off the screen, gameplay may continue with negative lives.
  • The texture.cpp file has an incorrect texture type (GL_RGB10_A2). Only ATI (FGLRX) drivers will interpret it correctly and will display a non-transparent waterfall in OpenGL. It's better to use GL_RGBA here since most drivers (ex. mesa) interpret GL_RGB10_A2 as GL_RGBA
  • Widely experienced bug: After compiling v0.1.3 from source on Ubuntu Linux 5.10 "Breezy Badger", the game crashes after choosing "Bonus Levels" from the main menu, although going into a 26-level game slot doesn't. -djwings
  • I was able to walk throug the end of the level without finishing it. It happend while playing witw 12 frames/seconds.
  • The jumping heads with spikes sometimes only jump to the level of a passing cloud.

Not a bug

  • After running the configure script without any options and compiling the source in the supertux-0.1.3.tar file, SuperTux crashes with the error 'Couldn't load musicfile', and reports the filename with a complete absolute path (which is correct -- SALCON.mod). Bug produced with a Slackware 9.1 system. -> Your SDL_mixer library is probably compiled without mikmod support or you grabbed 1 of the versions where mikmod support was broken.
  • Tux can junt to the top and out of the screen when a platform reaches the upper limit. This allowa to bypass certain zones.
    • Intended behaviour
  • If you have the big Tux, hit a box with a flower and the for some reason you are attacked and reverted to the small Tux, when picking up the flower you'll be big Tux in fire mode.
    • Intended behaviour
  • Enemies need not to fall down from the platforms. This reduces enemy number.
    • Eremm... This happens in many Mario games.
    • Anyway. Not a bug. If this was a feature request, please add this to the list of Ideas

Release 0.1.2

  • The sound slightly lags. Bug produced with Fedora Core 2.
  • If an enemy kills Tux and the user elects to abort the level before he falls off the screen, gameplay may continue with negative lives.
  • When opening hand-edited levels/maps that have incorrect syntax, SuperTux crashes with an unmoveable mouse.
  • SuperTux takes up more memory on each new level/game, until it crashes the systems. Using KDE System Guard suggests that finished maps/levels are not being freed from memory. Bug produced on a Knoppix/Debian system with 128MB of RAM.

Development version

Attention: Please make sure to always specify an exact revision number with each bug report!

  • free() errors when exiting SuperTux without having entered a worldmap/level.
    • Results of Ravu's testing (references are of format file.ext:function:code_line;):
      • Linux tends to scream while resources.cpp:unload_shared:delete gold_text; at video/texture.cpp:~Texture:glDeleteTextures(1, &handle);
      • Mac screams while main.cpp:main:delete script_manager; at squirrel/squirrel/sqclosure.h:Release:sq_delete(this,SQNativeClosure);
  • Mac OS X on Intel: dock icon looks wacky. This is an SDL problem; will submit a bug report ASAP.
  • Revision 3641. Some platforms stop just above or below where it should. According to delta___ the bug should happen with pretty much any platform that moves fast enough and stops at an uneven part of it's speed.
  • When fliping the world (sometimes?) seems to be problems with placing the objects right. (Bug in flip())
    • Here an example picture, you see the coins are in the hill and even the bonus blocks are out of place
  • 3657: Infoboxes cause "Restarting audio source because of buffer underrun" errors
  • 3657: Jamfile builds too long link command line, causing it to fail. Maybe disregarding the arch might help.