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This page lists all known bugs. Feel free to elaborate on any bugs already noted here. Please make a note if a bug has either been fixed or not been fixed (in an old release).


  • The titlebar of the browser in this wiki shows "Wikipedia" instead of "SuperTux" when logged in.
    Can't reproduce that problem. Works fine here. --WolfgangB 00:30, 15 Sep 2006 (BST)
    I've sometimes noticed with certain sites that exiting a tab (in Firefox) will not update the titlebar. Right now the CSS on the wiki is messed up for me, but I know it is just me. --Tuxdev 00:48, 15 Sep 2006 (BST)
    It's still there. I'm using Opera 9 on Ubuntu Dapper

Release 0.1.3

  • When using OpenGL renderer, water transparency is not shown. Using software renderer (SDL), water alpha looks just fine. Could you check out why transparency does not work for some people? Experienced with the bynary-only ATI video driver (fglrx) for ATI Radeon X200M video card.
  • If an enemy kills Tux and the user elects to abort the level before he falls off the screen, gameplay may continue with negative lives. This happens when Tux looses his last life.
  • The texture.cpp file has an incorrect texture type (GL_RGB10_A2). Only ATI (FGLRX) drivers will interpret it correctly and will display a non-transparent waterfall in OpenGL. It's better to use GL_RGBA here since most drivers (ex. mesa) interpret GL_RGB10_A2 as GL_RGBA
  • Widely experienced bug: After compiling v0.1.3 from source on Ubuntu Linux 5.10 "Breezy Badger", the game crashes after choosing "Bonus Levels" from the main menu, although going into a 26-level game slot doesn't -djwings
    Solved by upgrading to Dapper. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 16:40, 24 Sep 2006 (BST)
  • I was able to walk throug the end of the level without finishing it. It happend while playing witw 12 frames/seconds.
  • The jumping heads with spikes sometimes only jump to the level of a passing cloud.
  • Enter key is completely ignored on a Compaq Pressario, but works fine with other SDL-based games (e.g. Falcon's Eye) (by jessejoe)
    Can be worked around by custom-compiling with all SDLK_RETURN replaced by 271
  • Tux is unable to grab Mr. Iceblock while blinking after losing a bonus (eg. Big Tux -> Small Tux).
  • The Mac OS X version seems to have some transparency problems in OpenGL mode. eg. you can easily see the 'hidden' coins at the end of the first level.
  • supertux doesn't compile with gcc-4.1.1. At line 210 of menu.h the 'Menu::' qualification needs to be removed (it is already a Menu:: member and this is no longer allowed in gcc-4.1.1).
  • Level editor: Object selection tool doesn't work when the last tool used was a badguy; it works fine when following a tile tool. Also, when a badguy's deleted, the property button doesn't gray out; clicking it causes a segment violation/GPF/segfault/crash.

Not a bug

  • After running the configure script without any options and compiling the source in the supertux-0.1.3.tar file, SuperTux crashes with the error 'Couldn't load musicfile', and reports the filename with a complete absolute path (which is correct -- SALCON.mod). Bug produced with a Slackware 9.1 system. -> Your SDL_mixer library is probably compiled without mikmod support or you grabbed 1 of the versions where mikmod support was broken.
  • Tux can junt to the top and out of the screen when a platform reaches the upper limit. This allowa to bypass certain zones.
    Intended behaviour
  • If you have the big Tux, hit a box with a flower and then for some reason you are attacked and reverted to the small Tux, when picking up the flower you'll be big Tux in fire mode.
    Intended behaviour
  • Enemies need not to fall down from the platforms. This reduces enemy number.
    Eremm... This happens in many Mario games.
    Anyway. Not a bug. If this was a feature request, please add this to the list of Ideas
    Isn't this is a badguy characteristic? Some badguys fall off, others don't. --tuxdev
    In Milestone 1, this could be configured separately for each guy on the screen. Milestone 2 will have that as a Badguy-dependent setting, i.e. MrBomb never walk off ledges, Spiky will only walk off if he won't fall offscreen, A Snowball won't care and happily drop off every ledge.

Release 0.1.2

  • The sound slightly lags. Bug produced with Fedora Core 2.
  • If an enemy kills Tux and the user elects to abort the level before he falls off the screen, gameplay may continue with negative lives.
  • When opening hand-edited levels/maps that have incorrect syntax, SuperTux crashes with an unmoveable mouse.
  • SuperTux takes up more memory on each new level/game, until it crashes the systems. Using KDE System Guard suggests that finished maps/levels are not being freed from memory. Bug produced on a Knoppix/Debian system with 128MB of RAM.

Development version


  • Revision 3641. Some platforms stop just above or below where it should. According to delta___ the bug should happen with pretty much any platform that moves fast enough and stops at an uneven part of it's speed.
    Fixed in some revision I can't find the number of right now.
  • 3657: Jamfile builds too long link command line, causing it to fail. Maybe disregarding the arch might help.
    when exactly does this happen?
    seem common on x64 boxes. They pass an arch of "foobar-unknown-baz-blah-blubb" which (gets included in each build action's path and) bloats the command line to exceed 10240 chars. Workaround is manually shortening the arch passed to the build process by running something like "./configure --build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu"
    This was fixed in r3923.
  • 4034: When Tux is invincible he still squishes enemies and stuns iceblocks by jumping on their heads instead of simply killing them.
    Feature. Even as invincible Tux you can stun and grab Mr. Iceblock.
    More importantly, you can now cross gaps by jumping on e.g. Flying Snowballs
  • 4034: When Firetux backflips he loses his hat and status and reverts to normal bigtux (intended behaviour?).
    Intended behaviour.
  • 4075: When the game is paused, the time keeps running.
    cannot reproduce on 4076. Please give further steps to reproduce. --Sommer 00:47, 24 Jul 2006 (BST)
    Go to 'The Frosted Fields', start it, and pause.
    Fixed in r4079 --Sommer 15:14, 24 Jul 2006 (BST)
  • 4107: Editor: Deleting a Tilemap doesn't delete the tiles in it but instead lets EVERY tile of the map loose its tilemaps so you can't edit anything anymore (can't even add new tiles)
    Fixed in r4111. --WolfgangB 03:36, 2 Aug 2006 (BST)
  • 4087: Getting an icicle to fall on a snowball no longer kills the snowball. (Even if that's intended, I kinda liked that feature...)
    Fixed in r4206
  • 4249: If a coin is placed in water, when tux hits it it counts as collected but doesn't disappear.
    Not a bug, its because of Coin tile on Foreground layer.
  • 4422: Doesn't compile, gives me errors about not finding level_time.hpp on about 10-12 files. jam clean doesn't help.
    Checkin was missing a file


Attention: Please make sure to always specify an exact revision number with each bug report!

  • free() errors when exiting SuperTux without having entered a worldmap/level.
    Results of Ravu's testing (references are of format file.ext:function:code_line;):
    Linux tends to scream while resources.cpp:unload_shared:delete gold_text; at video/texture.cpp:~Texture:glDeleteTextures(1, &handle);
    Mac screams while main.cpp:main:delete script_manager; at squirrel/squirrel/sqclosure.h:Release:sq_delete(this,SQNativeClosure);
    Cannot reproduce. Are these still relevant?
  • Mac OS X on Intel: dock icon looks wacky. This is an SDL problem; will submit a bug report ASAP.
  • 3657: Infoboxes cause "Restarting audio source because of buffer underrun" errors
    that's because they do their own eventloop, they really should plug into MainLoop somehow
  • 3771: Possible to die after winning a level if not invincible (happens in yeti level)
  • 4033: Dart traps sometimes shoot right through walls, instead of hitting them.
    Seems to happen when a dart hits near the border between two tiles
  • 4041: Tux gets stuck for a few seconds climbing certain staircases in the level that's automatically played in the background on the main menu.
    yes at x 3762 y 256 and x 8288 y 1024, and sometimes other places too.
  • 4076: Cannot get to 'Forest World'.
  • 4107: Editor: Placing a left-switch is difficult, the switch moves to the left in the game compared to the editor.
  • 4107: Big Tux dies when exiting some doors, (e.g. in world2/level1.stl, near the first secret area) possibly because he's spawned in the ground. (seems fixed now)
  • 4107: Enemies may be pushed in the ground by other objects (e.g. in world2/updown.stl, near the beginning, the snail may be pushed underground by the platform if upside-down).
  • 4107: Tux can get stuck in the "roof" of data/levels/world2/level2.stl at x 4160, y 656.001 when the level is flipped. Slopes still doesn't work when level is flipped.
  • 4107: When two slopes of opposite directions of the snow-tileset are connected to eachother on their lower side, when running from right to left it works, from left to right you get stuck.
  • 4117: Wind with x speed 0 is really x speed -1 . in order to get tux move vertically, set x-speed to 1 (or fix it ;-D)
    Might be related to the problem that sometimes when tux stands still and jumps, he land slightly behind where he stood before.
  • 4162: Error in drawing of tilemap-to-lightmap on Windows. Doesn't happen on Linux. See screenshot for details.
    4251: A similar thing (but not so ugly) happens on Ubuntu Dapper in world2/light+magic.stl, in the dark area near the end, when walking up/down.
  • 4236: When there are multiple stalactites in a row, they often disappear instead of falling (e.g. bonus2/level7.stl)
  • 4245: If you switch the camera to manual mode and scroll it so that Tux would be off the screen, Tux actually gets pushed into the water by the left edge of the screen.
  • 4249: If you jump on Poison Ivy (green thing on the ground), the leaves fly around. If you walk on the orange thing, it doesn't.
  • 4249: In "Tree Fortress" level: sometimes when Zeekling hits first Mr Tree Mr Tree can suddenly appear on wooden border and, of course stuck there. (Quite hard to reproduce)
    This is a general problem when badguys stack - it always looks a bit out of place. SuperTux might be better off either letting badguys walk through each other or having badguys get squished when another badguy steps on their head. -- 14:08, 26 Sep 2006 (BST)
  • 4245: Since r4208 Smalltux spawns below the spawnpoint. So reset points are no longer activated if restarting a level there. (activate firefly, kill tux. tux starts at firefly, but firefly shows inactive image)
  • 4249: It is way too easy to die because a lantern crashes on top of your head, by letting go of it while airborne.
    Please say in what level this happens. -- Penguinmaster 11:38, 1 Oct 2006 (CEST)
    Doesn't matter. It is a general issue with portable stuff and crushes. --Tuxdev 22:05, 1 Oct 2006 (CEST)
  • 4249: I found a secret bonus level on the south-west ice island, but when I won it, SuperTux crashed. SVN 23 sept. -- smallfoot-
  • 4249: On the castle level (before the before the boss), SuperTux runs slow, low FPS. -- smallfoot-
    Probably just because of a lot of tiles. Not a bug, could be fixed with a hardware upgrade. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 20:39, 24 Sep 2006 (BST)
    Yeah, but I have 900 MHz, 256 mb RAM, GeForce 4. I could play Super Mario on Nintendo 8 MHz.
  • 4249: I used boat and pressed forth-and-back some, then screen went dark, and it don't come back to normal, its dark! -- smallfoot-
  • 4249: On the "silver key" level on the forest world, there is no way to win or die on the level. -- smallfoot-
  • 4251: When Bigtux crushes a wooden box by jumping, enemies on that box do not die, but fall on his head.
  • 4249: Squirrel function wait() counts real seconds, not game seconds - so cutscenes can end up deadly for Tux of time synchronisation doesn't fit. -- Penguinmaster 23:42, 30 Sep 2006 (CEST)
  • 4327: Forest worldmap has a level off the path, and says that "tilemap data is buggy" when I get near it.--DJ WingsFreesyle here 15:34, 1 Oct 2006 (CEST)
  • 4328, 0_3_x branch: crash when trying to load "Light and Magic".