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This page lists all known bugs. Feel free to elaborate on any bugs already noted here. Please make a note if a bug has either been fixed or not been fixed (in an old release). See OldBugs for older versions.


  • The titlebar of the browser in this wiki shows "Wikipedia" instead of "SuperTux" when logged in.
    Can't reproduce that problem. Works fine here. --WolfgangB 00:30, 15 Sep 2006 (BST)
    I've sometimes noticed with certain sites that exiting a tab (in Firefox) will not update the titlebar. Right now the CSS on the wiki is messed up for me, but I know it is just me. --Tuxdev 00:48, 15 Sep 2006 (BST)
    It's still there. I'm using Opera 9 on Ubuntu Dapper
    So am I, but I don't experience anything like it. Maybe a custom skin? Can you give steps to reproduce? -- 14:02, 29 Oct 2006 (CET)
    I simply log in, and when logged in every single page has "Wikipedia" instead of "SuperTux". I am not using any custom skin or such. --Shylence 18:24, 3 Nov 2006 (CET)
    Well I see SuperTux when I login. Nowhere does it say Wikipedia. Can you please tell where exactly you see Wikipedia on any page? --AnMaster 20:35, 3 Nov 2006 (CET)
    Probably because you set the Wiki to output non-english content. Wikimedia comes in 86 different languages and SuperTux-specific strings were only added for some of them. The Wiki now forces an english locale for all users until we have localizations for the rest of the supported languages. --Sommer 13:50, 4 Nov 2006 (CET)
    I was using Italian language pack, works fine with English one. Sorry for the trouble. --Shylence 17:09, 4 Nov 2006 (CET)

Release 0.3.0



  • Crash every time I try to start the "Tux the builder" level in the Forest area.
  • The vertical movement of the screen in world 2 is too sensitive. Eg, tux jumps onto a small block and then back down, and the screen moves up and back down with him. This makes me feel a bit seasick at times!
  • Crashes in the 'Short visit' level in world 2: near the shooting arrows sometimes, and near the lava every time. Message on top of the screen about sounds.
  • When I quit the same on world 2, and then relaunch it, I am back on world 1.
Maybe related to the following problem: When I cancel a level, Tux gets back on the map to the level I have finished before starting this level. I would prefer that Tux gets to the level I have just canceled.
  • Only a small Bug, but nevertheless mentionable: If you eat a snowball to become the great Tux and you are immediately killed afterwards (so you have eaten the snowball, but the effect has not yet started to work), you start as great Tux at the beginning of the level.
  • Running the game with the open source ATI graphics driver, there are colored lines shown where tiles meet. This happens in both the world maps and the levels themselves. The closed-source ATI drivers fix this problem, but for those with older ATI hardware, this will look bad.
This also happens to me using the NVIDIA drivers. Either this is a off-by-one error in SuperTux that happens to be negated by a similar bug in the ATI drivers, or is a bug in the open source and NVIDIA drivers that is exposed by SuperTux. --Tuxdev 05:46, 27 Dec 2006 (CET)
  • Don't start: a error occurs because no OpenAL32.dll on my Windows XP SP2.
Download the openal windows installer from
  • Doing a backflip while in fire Tux mode causes Tux to lose the fire mode. If this is the intended behavior, it's not documented in the user manual.
  • Fall down a pit. Before the death animation happens, press escape and quit to the main menu. When the main menu demo starts playing, Tux will die and the screen fades to black.
  • The crash-when-loading-"Light and Magic" bug noted below for development version 4328 is in 0.3.0.
  • carrying an ice cube no longer protects Tux from other badguys. Is this an intended change? It was useful in the previous release.
  • A lot of secret or tactical parts in World 1 levels don't really work or are too easy now that Tux can travel backwards.
  • I've got an Nvidia TNT2 (I'm using legacy drivers version 1.0.7184+ in kubuntu edgy). When I start supertux I get "Fatal: Unexpected exception: Couldn't set video mode (800x600-0bpp): Couldn't find matching GLX visual".
  • The background is all messed up on the Mac OSX version.
  • When trying to play a level with Windows version of the editor, it says: "Couldn't start supertux: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". The same happens when saving.
  • Big Tux can't go through places that are only as high as the small Tux. In previous version Big Tux was able to go through that by ducking, in this version Big Tux reverts back to the small Tux.
  • I get a warning that the tilemap data is buggy, when I force Tux to go straight on where the path on the map has a curve.
  • At the end of level I get informations about how much coins (...) I got. But this doesn't seem to work since the information below "Now" and "Record" are the same. Sometimes I don't get these information at all and Tux just gets back to the map.

Development version


  • 4426: Console is operational during the main menu, which means you can use 'kill()' to kill Tux; the level fades out and does not fade back in again, resulting in a quiet, black background with the main menu (which still works).
    The console is a debugging tool, you can mess up any game using it as you can call any function that you could call using a script. And as normal users would never use the console I don't think that this seems like an important bug. Also having the console reachable from anywhere in the game is good for debugging (and that is what the console is meant for, it isn't for cheating...). --AnMaster 12:25, 29 Oct 2006 (CET)
    Not a bug.
  • If you jump through a non-solid block into a solid one, you go through the solid blocks. (This is kind of hard to explain. We need a site where we can post levels to demonstrate bugs...)
You might be experiencing a new feature of ST engine, unisolid tiles. Example level is "Detour", for the tree branches. --Tuxdev 18:11, 20 Dec 2006 (CET)
I already knew about unisolid tiles. This wasn't a bug in supertux, just a bug in my level - I had put some foreground tiles over unisolid ones thinking they were just plain solid tiles next time I looked at that level.
  • 4496: Finish World1, solve a wold2 level, Quit game. Load game. Game starts on world1.


Attention: Please make sure to always specify an exact revision number with each bug report!

  • Mac OS X on Intel: dock icon looks wacky. This is an SDL problem; will submit a bug report ASAP.
  • 3657: Infoboxes cause "Restarting audio source because of buffer underrun" errors
    that's because they do their own eventloop, they really should plug into MainLoop somehow
  • 3771: Possible to die after winning a level if not invincible (happens in yeti level)
  • 4033: Dart traps sometimes shoot right through walls, instead of hitting them.
    Seems to happen when a dart hits near the border between two tiles
  • 4041: Tux gets stuck for a few seconds climbing certain staircases in the level that's automatically played in the background on the main menu.
    yes at x 3762 y 256 and x 8288 y 1024, and sometimes other places too.
  • 4107: Editor: Placing a left-switch is difficult, the switch moves to the left in the game compared to the editor.
  • 4107: Enemies may be pushed in the ground by other objects (e.g. in world2/updown.stl, near the beginning, the snail may be pushed underground by the platform if upside-down).
  • 4107: Tux can get stuck in the "roof" of data/levels/world2/level2.stl at x 4160, y 656.001 when the level is flipped. Slopes still doesn't work when level is flipped.
  • 4107: When two slopes of opposite directions of the snow-tileset are connected to eachother on their lower side, when running from right to left it works, from left to right you get stuck.
  • 4117: Wind with x speed 0 is really x speed -1 . in order to get tux move vertically, set x-speed to 1 (or fix it ;-D)
    Might be related to the problem that sometimes when tux stands still and jumps, he land slightly behind where he stood before.
  • 4162: Error in drawing of tilemap-to-lightmap on Windows. Doesn't happen on Linux. See screenshot for details.
    4251: A similar thing (but not so ugly) happens on Ubuntu Dapper in world2/light+magic.stl, in the dark area near the end, when walking up/down.
Should be fixed with bigger lightmap in r4443.
  • 4236: When there are multiple stalactites in a row, they often disappear instead of falling (e.g. bonus2/level7.stl)
  • 4245: If you switch the camera to manual mode and scroll it so that Tux would be off the screen, Tux actually gets pushed into the water by the left edge of the screen.
  • 4249: If you jump on Poison Ivy (green thing on the ground), the leaves fly around. If you walk on the orange thing, it doesn't.
  • 4249: In "Tree Fortress" level: sometimes when Zeekling hits first Mr Tree Mr Tree can suddenly appear on wooden border and, of course stuck there. (Quite hard to reproduce)
    This is a general problem when badguys stack - it always looks a bit out of place. SuperTux might be better off either letting badguys walk through each other or having badguys get squished when another badguy steps on their head. -- 14:08, 26 Sep 2006 (BST)
  • 4245: Since r4208 Smalltux spawns below the spawnpoint. So reset points are no longer activated if restarting a level there. (activate firefly, kill tux. tux starts at firefly, but firefly shows inactive image)
  • 4249: I found a secret bonus level on the south-west ice island, but when I won it, SuperTux crashed. SVN 23 sept. -- smallfoot-
  • 4251: When Bigtux crushes a wooden box by jumping, enemies on that box do not die, but fall on his head.
  • 4249: Squirrel function wait() counts real seconds, not game seconds - so cutscenes can end up deadly for Tux of time synchronisation doesn't fit. -- Penguinmaster 23:42, 30 Sep 2006 (CEST)
  • 4327: Forest worldmap has a level off the path, and says that "tilemap data is buggy" when I get near it.--DJ WingsFreesyle here 15:34, 1 Oct 2006 (CEST)
  • 4328, 0_3_x branch: crash when trying to load "Light and Magic".
Works for me in 4446. Fixed or hard to reproduce?
  • 4437: Only one Mr. Icebox will die, if two are fired at each other. (Different behaviour than in 0.1.3)
  • 4438: Level time stops (and the counter at the top disappears) if you go to another sector.
  • 4496: get_light() does not work if resolution is not default

Attention: "Only new bugs in the development version go above this line. Bugs in Release 0.3.0 should be added to the appropriate section instead."