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This page is for listing all known bugs, because it seems that some have been escaping peoples' attention. Feel free to elaborate on any bugs already noted here, or comment on why it's not fixed if there's a reason for it. Also note if any of these have been fixed, of course.

  • Semi-predictable segfaults (happen when switching into/out of a level, or out of the map)
  • Missing files (arctis2.jpg, mkinstalldirs)
  • Plenty of graphical glitches (there's weird flickers whenever Tux is off the top of the screen, background goes nuts on some bonus levels)
  • Menus are currently weird (It's possible to have nothing selected, test level menu is blank)
    • Menus should be fixed in CVS now. - CiboMahto
  • Pressing "Start" on the gamepad now enters the level rather than bringing up the menu (there's no way to get to the menu from a gamepad now?)
  • Tux does a tiny jump when he jumps while ducking (unprecedented and pointless behavior, has killed me more than once - why do we have it?)
    • You try jumping while ducking :) - sik0fewl
      • It's not any more difficult than jumping three times my height (or smashing bricks with my head, for that matter). :P - NMcCoy
  • Sound lags a bit on my system (only Supertux has this problem, other games work fine - I'm using Fedora Core 2)
    • Is a bug on all systems.
  • Glibc seems to have a problem: *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x082e22e8 *** (Fedora Core 3 fresh install with yum update)