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Building SuperTux

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Some notes for windows users

Supertux development mainly happens on linux. The sourcecode is written in a portable manner but the tools and development environment for windows isn't there (yet?). However you should be able to get the game built with the help of msys. Find more detailed instructions at Building on Windows.

Mac OS X

Ravu al Hemio has written a guide for Mac OS X Tiger users on building SuperTux.


  • gcc compiler &co (gcc, g++, binutils, glibc)
  • gettext
  • autoconf
  • jam
  • SDL (*)
  • SDL-image (*)
  • OpenGL (*)
  • OpenAL (*)

You should make sure that you also have development headers and libraries installed for the tools marked with (*).

Getting the source

The first thing to get started with supertux is getting the latest development resources from the subversion repository. How to do this is described here at Download/Subversion.

Configuring the source

Before compiling the sourcecode you have to configure it so that it gets adapted to your machine. Use the following commands:

./configure --enable-debug

configure checks if all prerequisits are met.

Compiling the source

You can compile the sourcecode from commandline with the help of jam. Simply type


and the game should build. You should Contact us in case of errors or problems.

Setting up IDEs

This section is under construction. IDEs that should be able to handle supertux include:

  • KDevelop
  • Eclipse with CDT