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* launches molten rocks out of a lava lakes
* launches molten rocks out of a lava lakes
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Image of Dispenser
Found in: Icy Island, Forest
Appearance: Differs, see below.
Behaviour: Spawns new badguys at fixed or random intervals.
Squishable: yes
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: yes
Freezable: yes
Status: unstable

A Dispenser is a game object that spawns new badguys. The interval in which badguys are spawned is either fixed or random. A dispenser can be shot with either the fireflower (dies) or iceflower (stops it emitting new badguys). Whether or not the dispenser is squishable and butt-jumpable depends on the appearance: The trapdoor and rocket launcher types are immune to Tux standing or jumping on them, the cannon type can be broken this way.


There are three possible sprites for this object: Trapdoor, cannon and (in lack of a better word) rocket launcher.

Design considerations

This section is possibly outdated.


  • Spawns new Badguys
  • Interval: Fixed or random
  • Appearance: Trap door, cannon or invisible
  • Start direction of badguys: Fixed or random
  • Initial velocity of badguys: Fixed or random


  • fires rockets
  • drops badguys from a (shootable) trap door
  • spawn badguys in tubes
  • launches molten rocks out of a lava lakes
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