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Image of Dispenser
Found in: Icy Island, Forest
Appearance: Differs, see below.
Behaviour: Spawns new badguys at fixed or random intervals.
Squishable: yes
Burnable: unknown
Butt-Jumpable: unknown
Freezable: unknown

A Dispenser is a game object that spawns new badguys. The interval in which badguys are spawned is either fixed or random.


There are three possible sprites for this object: Trapdoor, cannon or (in lack of a better word) rocket launcher.

Design considerations

This section is possibly outdated.


  • Spawns new Badguys
  • Interval: Fixed or random
  • Appearance: Trap door, cannon or invisible
  • Start direction of badguys: Fixed or random
  • Initial velocity of badguys: Fixed or random


  • fires rockets
  • drops badguys from a (shootable) trap door
  • spawn badguys in tubes
  • launches molten rocks out of a lava lakes