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BG, a bit smarter than Poision Ivy

To put badguys eg. on a branch or a ledge i'd like to have a Forest World Bad Guy, about one tile in size, easy to be killed (squished, shot, whatever) but does not jump off his ledge.

Something like Poision Ivy but smart enough not to commit suicide. Maybe a autumn version of the walking leaf. Since it's more careful it might walk a bit slower. --WolfgangB 18:20, 26 Jul 2006 (BST)

Btw, i could just grab the Ivy image and add some red, but maybe there is another BG that matchs the description but looks different. --WolfgangB 18:44, 26 Jul 2006 (BST)

Flying Badguy

Today in #supertux there was the idea of some flying badguy that if killed just loses his ability to fly and becomes a walking BG. (Rip out his wings, pop his baloon, pull his goggles, etc.) A airborn BG that just flies left/right or even is stationary could be used to jump on to cross a river or as moving obstacle.