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Cutscene Storyboard

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Note: This is mainly a collection of ideas and subject to change. Also, they need a lot more detail. Anything that has been agreed on by the developers should be transferred to the Milestone 2 section.


Antarctica Intro

Detailed Intro Storyboard

Tux and Penny are shown having a picnic at the antarctic shore. In the background, there's a pile of snow, which eventually starts shaking a bit, attracting the focus of the camera. Suddenly Nolok jumps out, and the screen goes black with a flash. After fading in, Tux lies on his back, Penny is gone. Tux finds the letter Nolok left and reads it. Tux looks up, and/or walks a bit to reveal Nolok's fortress in the distance. Fade out.


Interlude: Antarctica Miniboss

(Played before the level "No more Mr Ice Guy", if we include a miniboss there.)

Interlude: Antarctica Boss

(Played at the end of world1/level26)

Tux reaches a door at the end of the castle. He opens it and finds himself at a balcony outside the castle walls. An angry roar can be heard in the distance. He jumps down into the yeti battle area. After a short conversation between Tux and the Yeti, the battle starts.


Antarctica Outro/Forest Intro

(Played after beating the Yeti)

Tux is running away from the Yeti. He decides to slide, because he goes faster when he slides. As he zoomes off a cliff, the Yeti falls in to the deep ocean as Tux gets on a boat, sees Forest Isle, and heads over there.


Interlude: Ghost Forest

(Played before ghost forest section) Tux walks up to the edge of the Ghost forest, when suddenly a ghost scares him, then the ghost vanishes. The scene then cuts to Nolok to says that Tux has done well to get so far through the forest, but will not get past the dangers in the Ghost forest(probably should have a name). The scene then continues to cut to Penny who shouts "Tux where are you?" it is possible this is where she then suddenly thinks up or starts to think up her escape plan. Ghostforest.png

Explains why there is a ghost forest.

Interlude: Dark Forest Keep

(Played before entering the first forest castle level)

Shows Tux using the five keys to enter the castle.

Interlude: Forest Boss

(Played before the boss battle of world 2)

Shows a conversation between Tux and the forest boss. Switch to another scene showing Penny in a prison cell, trying to escape. She is unaware that Tux is nearby. Explains why Penny is held in this castle.

Forest Outro/Tropical Islands Intro

(Played after beating the forest boss)

Tux is shown combatting the forest boss. Scene is switched to Penny, who finally managed to escape her cell. She flees through a window or a crack in the wall, gets out of the castle and disappears in the background. Switch back to Tux who beat the boss and finds her empty cell. Go back to Penny again and show her leaving the forest and entering the next world. In World 3, the player will take Penny's role, and the story is continued from her point of view. (For world 3 only)

Tropical Islands

Tropical Islands Puzzle

(Played after a couple of levels and shows the user of some puzzle that needs to be completed)

Tropical Islands Miniboss

Nolok is chasing Tux, who is chasing Penny. Penny disappears, and Tux evades Nolok. Player control is switched back to Tux. He travels to world 4...

Tropical Islands Boss Intro

Tux is on a pier on the other side of the island, when he hears a splash. He looks at the water, and sees a giant panda bear get out and on to the pier. Tux prepares to fight him...

Tropical Islands Boss Outro/Royal Isle Intro

The boss panda bear is stunned, and he falls in to the water, causing a huge wave. Tux is swept off his feet and carried through the water, screaming. Four hours later, he finds himself on a beach of an island covered with beautiful sculptures, buildings, and more. As Tux gets up, he sees another penguin wearing a turban on the beach, building a canoe. Tux walks over to him, and asks him what is going on. The penguin looks at him, and in a thick accent says "I am Salsa, ex-ruler of this island. Earlier today, an evil being came to my humble abode and took all my jewels, riches, and power. He called himself Nolok, and drove the people of my Royal kingdom away. He had a girl with him, but I could not see her very well," and Tux offers to help him. Salsa stands up, and agrees. They begin to head inside the city...