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It would be very nice to have support for cutscenes to drive the story of the game forward and enhance athmosphere for the player. No details discussed yet. Some questions that should be answered:

  • video files like .avi or scripted "in-game" cutscenes that use the game-engine?
  • When using the game engine:
    • Recording a simple sequence of movements (like a movie) or more advanced scripting?
    • How much of the engine code should be reused? (ie. should it be possible to place normal badguys in the cutscenes with their normal behaviour, how to customize this behaviour for the cutscene then?)
  • How to create cutscenes? Specialized editors or simple textfiles?

These things should be supported by cutscenes:

  • Spawning of new objects/characters
  • Possibilty to take control of tux behaviour
  • possibility to trigger new actions in time
  • display text to tell a story
  • support for normal gameobjects
  • support animated sprites that are no normal gameobjects
  • allow changing of map (destroy castle, build bridge, ...)
  • allowing a bit of interactivity? (example: "choose the powerup you want...")