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  • Normal Behaviour: walks slowly
  • Chasing behaviour: when it spots Tux it goes mad and starts chasing Tux faster
    • When Tux is on range: makes a very fast jump towards Tux, at a height lower enought to hit BigTux's head but allowing him to dodge it ducking. After the jump, the DarkWolf keep running a bit (if it doesn't collide with a wall) and turn around resuming the hunting for Tux.

(While DarkWolf is on chasing mode his jump is also a defense against Tux's jumps, since it would make him jump and dodge it)

If Tux has got out from DarkWolf spot it will stop chasing him after an amount of time and resume Normal Behaviour


A black wolf

Hurt Tux

On contact

Hurt it

  • stomping it (while it is not in a jump)
  • with fireballs