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According to credits.txt some of our sounds are from "Royalty free sound effects CDROMs and FTP sites" which is too unspecific. This page is used to find out who made which file and which files have to be replaced to get rid of unspecific 3rd party files.


bigjump.wav brick.wav bump-upgrade.wav coin.wav dartfire.wav darthit.wav door.wav explosion.wav fall.wav fire-flower.wav fireworks.wav fizz.wav flame.wav flip.wav grow.wav hop.ogg hurt.wav iceblock_bump.wav invincible.wav jump.wav kick.wav lava.wav lifeup.wav locked.ogg mr_tree.ogg mr_treehit.ogg phone.wav rain.wav saw.wav shoot.wav skid.wav splash.ogg squish.wav stomp.wav switch.ogg ticking.wav totem.ogg trampoline.wav turnkey.ogg upgrade.wav warp.wav waterfall.wav willowisp.wav wood.wav yeti_finish.ogg yeti_gna.wav yeti_roar.wav