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Release 0.1.3


Generic Linux x86 Installer

We have an automatic installer created with Autopackage. Just download it here:

and execute it. You can find a more detailed explanation here.

Gentoo Linux

This distribution includes a supertux package. Just do the usual emerge (as root):

emerge supertux

Debian/Ubuntu Linux

This distribution includes a supertux package. Just do the usual apt-get or install the package with synaptic.

apt-get install supertux

SuSE Linux

This distribution includes a supertux package. Use yast to install it:

yast2 -i supertux


Fedora Extras includes a supertux package.

yum install supertux

should be sufficient for users of any recent version of Fedora. (Users of older Fedora or Red Hat Linux releases, or RHEL and derivatives, might need to configure yum, apt, or smart, or just download the package from ( Fedora Extras) or (

Arch Linux

SuperTux is in the community repo now. To install it, uncomment the community repo in /etc/pacman.conf, if you haven't already done so, and run

pacman -S supertux

Ark Linux

This distribution includes a supertux package. Just type (as root):

apt-get install supertux


There's a package available here:

Slax Linux

Supertux 0.1.3 packaged for Slax Linux:

Mac OS/X

Universal binary

Note: this universal binary requires Mac OS/X 10.4.x or greater.

PPC only



There seems to be a port for FreeBSD:

Windows Installer

There's an automatic installer here:

The binary is also mirrored on several places around the world - here are some of them:

Note that we cannot guarantee the integrity of those mirrors, though.


PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Deniska has ported SuperTux 0.1.3 to the PSP. Get it here:

Another port created by Jomar Johansen is available here:

VMware: L4 / SdiOS

SDIOS06 is a toy operating system developed during the practical course SDI (System Design and Implementation) at the Systems Architecture Group of the University of Karlsruhe. It was designed and written by Timo Bingmann, Matthias Braun, Torsten Geiger and Andreas Mähler. Two games were ported to a custom SDL implementation using the VMware "hard"-ware: SDLjump and of course SuperTux :)

You can find more information here:

And a ready to use vmware image here:

Any system/Source Code

Download the source code:

Release 0.1.2

We only mention systems/distributions here that have no 0.1.3 packages yet.


Mandrake/Mandriva Linux

There are rpm packages available here:

Foresight Linux

This distribution includes a supertux package. Just use the normal conary command:

conary update supertux

Note: if you have created packages for other operating systems/distributions. Mention them in the discussion page and we'll merge them into this page as soon as possible.